Recently while going through my feed on Quora, I came across a question which raised doubts if a parent really does care for their child! I was taken aback with the thought and wrote the undermentioned words on the subject. I hope the reader finds the post of some value to their domain of interest. Best wishes!

Our parents struggle and deal with a lot of travails in life, which they never really had to if they didn’t have kids in the first place.

They stayed up entire nights when we were ill. They also woke up early during our exams. They bought us extravagant toys by wearing same old clothes by stitching the edges over and over again to cut the expenses. They skipped meals when times were tough so we won’t have to go to bed with an empty stomach.

They cut their needs and supplanted those with ours, because to them our content and smiling face was much important. Maybe at times they could not fulfil our wishes. Maybe. But, it was always because of paucity of resources and never because of lack of intent, love or desire.

And, I repeat, they would never have had to deal with all this and endless other troubles. They were never entitled to do that. They could have easily lived a liberal and peaceful life with little or no responsibilities fettering their wishes and will time and again and again and again.

Yet, days turn into weeks, weeks into months and then months turn into prolonged years and eventually decades pass by. But, they keep on making cuts and compromises to their needs, desires and life as a whole to add just another nugget of joy to our glistening face.

Why do they do it all?

Just because they care. Bliss!



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