A dear one betrayed me months ago.

We abruptly stopped talking then after. And, that person’s birthday is about to come in a matter of days. I have written a letter for that soul who once used to be an angel to me. In the letter I have tried to thank them for they made me a small part of their life, even if a forgotten part.

Via that letter I have also tried to express gratitude for whatever cherished but short-lived memories I made with this person. For there was a time when they added to my strength. And, most importantly, in that letter, I extend to the person my heartiest wishes that they may one day make their parents real proud.

I have no intentions to open back my arms for the person who left me into darkness once in the past. But, I hold no grudges or ill-will for them either. The least I feel for them is that may they be a better and very successful person in the times to come. That is all I think about such people who I once embraced more than self.

Ergo, to answer the question- There is no one answer to how should one react to a dear one’s act of perfidy. But, anything to get back to them won’t reap any benefits. To ask them for a reason would most probably only earn you a perfunctory excuse. And, any action or revengeful ideas haven’t helped anyone ever.

So, why not just wish them the joys that they could not find in your arms? After all, isn’t that the best for both- You and them? Bliss!



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