When she was born, I was damn enthused! Finally, I was an uncle to a beautiful tiny soul. When I saw her for the first time, she was asleep. I tried to touch my fingers against her, and she instantly began to widen her palm. Within the next few seconds itself, her right palm and fingers had circled around my index finger. That was the first time I connected with my dearest niece, Hiya.

The moment was a pure bliss. Post that, years passed by but I never really realized what else did being an Uncle actually mean for me. I used to visit her every few months and play with her. I used to click photographs and create cherished memories to be embraced in the future when my baby grows up. And, then I would just return.

Apparently just as she was growing with time, so was I. When she was born, I was myself into my early teenage. The terms like responsibilities and the traits of thinking in-depth on everything was not a skill that I harboured in me back then. But, now that I am a grown up, I do. My notions of being an uncle have evolved much ever since.

Today, being an uncle lays on me certain responsibilities. I must make sure that I become someone so amazing that she would someday want to be like me. I have to be a person who she can depend upon when she needs me in any way. I have to make sure that I expose her to my failures so that she can take lessons from them and do better in her own life.

Being an uncle who loves his baby to immense limits, I also have to ensure that I be a person who she can open up to about anything and everything. I have to be a friend, a confidante and a dependable companion. At least, I have to try to be those things. To be honest, there is a strong possibility that I myself may have very vague and nebulous ideas of what those terms really mean.

Ergo, before I even try to be those things, I have to figure out what precise characteristics and qualities those roles demand. So, being an uncle to me no more is about just playing with that bundle of joy and clicking pictures. It’s about being someone she would one day want to be like, look up to and seek guidance from.

And, thus to be a superlative uncle to my baby, I must strive to perfect myself. I must become a better individual who is more mature and wise and dependable than my present self. And, of course, I have to make sure that in the times to come I also earn hefty sums of money- So, that I can buy her the tonnes of chocolates and toys which may probably make me her favourite among all the uncles one day 😛



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