Five years back from this writing, she was four and urgently needed a life-saving kidney transplant. Her mother became her hero then. The mother donated her kidney to gift her child a second chance at life.

And, today as a 9-year-old, she aspires to be a singer in the times to come. And that dream is what brought this noble soul to the stage of America’s Got Talent 2017. And, the very second she began to sing, not only I, but the entire audience and the four judges were gobsmacked to their heels.

She sang her heart and drenched her soul into each word she let out of her mouth. I literally was shivering as she sang through Andra Day’s fabled song, “Rise Up.” But, then there came a moment when all of a sudden my eyes turned wet.

She sang mellifluously winning hearts of all in the audiences, the anchor Tyra Banks and the four masterful judges. But, she didn’t just win my heart there. She also inspired me. She charged me up. She energized me to do a little extra to ensure that soon enough my mother too gets to live such a proud moment.

It was the shot when while she was singing, they showed her parents crying. The immense joy and unbridled flow of pride were more than conspicuous on the face of that enchanted mother and bliss-filled father. As a 9-year-old she had made her parents proud the way I as a 22-year-old still aspire to.


That tiny but magnificent girl imbued in me the intent to bring volumes of joys to my mother’s life. Joys of the kind that my mother would have never even expected from her son. She is proud of me. I know that. But, I want to elevate that pride of my mother to unprecedented heights that none can calculate.

And, the little wonder in the form of Angelica Hale gave me that much-needed thrust. Thank you, Wonder Girl.




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