When I lost my father, everything in my life was falling apart. I had every reason to cry, lament and ultimately end my life there and then. But, there was a part of me which kept telling me, in due time this phase shall pass.

That was Hope.

Today, I have very much moved on in life and have assimilated myself to the fact that my father is no more going to be with me in person. And, I am largely okay about it. That Hope drove me this far, else I may as well had ended my life burdened by fear and mental imbalance of emotional pain back then.

Hope is an energy that gets you through toughest phases of life.

When I failed to get into an IIT, I turned too harsh on myself. I was worried for my future and rueful about the way I had frittered off my past. But, there was a small part of me which kept telling me, in three years from now, this won’t matter much.

That was Hope.

Today, I hardly care that I didn’t get into an IIT. Over this course I have realized that at maximum an IIT could have gotten me a better starting package, but the rest of my career prospects would still depend on my own capabilities, grit and most importantly perseverance.

That Hope made this realization more palpable for me overtime and helped me understand better what I can do now to have a better future. Hope got me on a new path to charter and define a new destiny for myself.

Hope is a sage guide that overtime unravels and helps one understand the otherwise complicated thoughts and realities of one’s life.

When I joined Quora back in 2014, I was a pathetic writer. I had little or no knowledge on any domain. Meanwhile, I would be gobsmacked by several people who had thousands of followers admiring them and their works.

I too wanted that but could hardly imagine myself having even a thousand followers forget more than that. But, there was a teeny tiny part of me which kept telling me, as my knack for writing improves, even I would attract many followers on Quora.

That was Hope.

Today, my stats read that I have 8615 followers. This is not to brag. This is just to say that as of this writing I am blessed with eight times what I thought was impossible for me. And, it was that Hope which kept pushing me to better my writing skills.

Hope is a force which if given sufficient time and belief, can turn the impossible things into most delightful realities of one’s life.

What kind of feeling is Hope?

The one which makes one’s life worthwhile. It’s needs patience to bear fruits. But, given one is patient enough, Hope never disappoints one. Bliss!



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