More girls in our society should have been brought up listening to the tales of masterful women like Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Madam Curie and Sarojini Naidu rather than listening to the mystic tales of Snow White, Cinderella and other fit and fancy looking barbies with pink cheeks and perfect body figures.

That way we would have encouraged more girls to beautify their faces with valour and courage, than just the shades of pink, lipsticks and fairness creams. It is we as a society which always told the boys that they are “Sher Ka Bachcha” (Son of a lion) and the girls that they are soft, docile and fragile. But, now is the time to change that notion.

More girls are being born everyday that ever before. Let’s not just tell them tales of beautiful women who would someday find a prince charming who would come down riding a horse. Let’ not bring them up with the thought that they are going to need a man to complete their life’s destiny some day in the future.

Rather, let’s imbibe in them the stories of valiant ladies like Rani Lakshmi Bai who rode a war horse with her baby tied to her back, fighting the colonial rulers with a sword signifying very many different roles a woman can play in her life than just waiting for a prince charming.

Let’s raise our girls right.

Let’s do justice to them and not repeat our ancestor’s follies.



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