Good times bring joys. Bad times bring opportunities to excel and make us worthy of greater joys.

In a nutshell, bad times are not really bad. They are just goodness in disguise.

We the people of this world have the propensity to run away from bad experiences. We spend so much of our lives focusing on the negative aspects of our difficult experiences that eventually we turn afraid of everything and anything that pose a threat to the status quo in our life.

And therefore, we tend to live our lives curled up in a shell of safety and fear of our insecurities and vulnerabilities inviting tribulations. And, thus we never really see those difficult experiences for what they really are- Our Greatest Teachers.

What we don’t realize is that each of our bad experiences come attached with lessons that have the potential to better our lives in the future. Each of those dark and tough times teach us, train us and make us stronger to deal with and conquer the myriads of awful things that keep happening all around us in this otherwise beautiful world.

Ergo, shed those fears and inhibitions and live the life of an intrepid blithesome soul. It’s all about the mindset. How you perceive things is what makes them good or bad. I can hardly think of anything grave that may have happened to me over the past entire year (Other than cold and cough. Nothing good comes from that but the sneezing).

And, I claim that nothing bad happened in my life over that course of a year because whenever something “bad came my way” I always thought of them as an opportunity to learn and excel. And, I don’t mean it rhetorically. To build that mindset took time and quite a deal of mental exercise. I won’t lie.

Every time I would get into trouble or be exposed to some bad experience, I would always take a pen and paper and list down ten things that the particular phase of ordeals was going to teach me and how I was going to eventually benefit from those lessons.

Trust me, I have filled up two entire standard notebooks over the first three months of me trying to develop that attitude just scribbling down various such positives or as I like to call them, the silver linings in everything bad that came my way.

And, post that phase of writing ten positives of every bad thing, the mindset of positive thinking was so strongly ingrained into my head, that I didn’t again felt the need to scribble down positives of any event anymore.

If anything wrong strikes into my life in the present, I naturally begin to ruminate over what the hidden good about this phase is. I immediately question my head to analyze what’s the opportunity I get with this one.

And this mindset is one of the best things I have even gifted myself. To build an ever-pragmatic and sanguine mentality is not as tough as it’s supposedly said to be. It took me just over three months.

Yes, those three months were a tough exercise with my head crying out every time I would cross first five points to think of more and more positives germane to any difficult experience. But, eventually, I was trained to find a silver lining into the worst of things that have ever happened to me.

Ergo, I regurgitate-

Every bad experience is goodness in disguise, an opportunity to gain greater joys. Perceive them that way and abundance of positivity and bliss would deluge your world in no time.

And on that, I am not throwing no hyperbole. Bliss!

I hope this answer augments some value to the reader’s life and I wish them a progressive and pragmatic living ahead!



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