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My father never wanted a boss on his head. He wanted to be the owner of his own business. Ergo, he tried his hands on a few businesses early in his life but sadly those ventures never panned out well.

The failure of repeated efforts to run a business of his own got him and family in dire financial troubles as there came a time when we were barely making the ends meet. The situation was so bad that my parents had begun to eat just two meals, to save money from a meal and ensure all my needs were met.

Therefore, seeking stability and security for the family, my Maa coaxed Papa into taking up a job in some company either. She knew that we could not make it long enough this way. She was stern with this argument, and Papa finally gave in.

And, that was how he began job hunting, and finally began his career as an employee. He was hired for the position of a Marketing Salesperson with a piecemeal monthly salary of Rs 2500 per month at Portland Shoes, Noida Headquarters. It was probably 1999.

Post that, the ride wasn’t as smooth but gradually climbing up on the corporate ladder on the back of his smart mind and masterful communication and language skills, my father took fifteen years to eventually turn into a Big Name in the Shoe industry in India.

Fifteen years from when he had begun his career as an employee, he had now earned the rank of Marketing (Country-Head), Goldstar Shoes. That was a pretty big deal and a great upward climb no doubt.

That was his heyday. He was even awarded the title of Most Promising Growth Drivers in Indian Shoe Industry for two consecutive years at fabled Jaipur Shoe Fun Mela, a big festival for the Indian Shoe Industry.

But, he still wasn’t pleased. Despite all the success in his professional career, he wasn’t really that happy. The fire in him to be his own boss had never really died out. He was still very much into the mindset of crafting something of his own.

The dire circumstances and financial tribulations could only have suppressed that desire and passion in him to be a businessman for fifteen long years but not kill it. Ergo, in early 2014, Papa decided to hang his boots. He quit his job to begin working on his own venture.

And, he was working on it real fast, sweating all day and dreaming all night. He was on a pursuit and always had a sound idea about what he had to do as if he had been planning for this for years. Within months, he had gotten an office and a warehouse at a rental. He had also gotten the TAN number which is a pre-requisite to run a business in India.

And, that was how my Papa established Magic Enterprises based at Eldeco Mall, Faridabad within four months of quitting his job. But, what he had been waiting for fifteen long years, life was not benign enough to give him another fifteen to accomplish and grow old with.

Just days after Magic Enterprises got registered and approved by the Tax authorities, tragedy hit us hard. On 23rd June 2014, life thwarted an unbridled SUV driven by an intoxicated person him.

He was in Kolkata to seal some deals for his business and was met with a severe hit and run accident which was tragic enough to end things for that ambitious and zealot 45-year-old. His dream of being a businessman died young with him.

Life is not mean. Life is unpredictable and mercurial. It’s fragile and we all know it. We all know that it can end right this moment with the fan on our ceiling falling off on our head. Bam! But, we just act oblivious to life’s uncertainty, it’s we who just ignore that possible reality which could end it all for us.

We don’t do enough to realize our aspirations thinking that we would work on them some other day, some other time. And, we never realize that there may be no such some other day or some other time.

My father’s dream of years died with him, leaving behind a very crucial lesson for me-

If you have a dream, you got to act on it now. Because just like life can be benign enough to award some with 80 years of healthy living, it’s not that kind to everyone out there.

Not everyone gets second chances in life. Seize your moment while you have it. Because there is no right time, but Now!



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