It was my first business plan in action. It was naive but a great way to add weight to this 15-year-old’s piggy bank. I was in 9th grade back then. Access to movies, games, softwares and operating systems like windows took place mostly by the means of CDs or DVDs, here in India.

Also, having an internet connection wasn’t such a household phenomenon back then here. Therefore, people either borrowed CDs from their friends, else they had to buy those. However, I was one amongst the odd few.

Having a prudent father who knew the role internet could play in one’s education, I was lucky to have a decent broadband connection at home. However, instead of using it as a means for education, I instead used the facility to download all of the latest games, movies and softwares.

Consequently, a large number of my friends had begun to pester me to load those on to their CDs and DVDs so that they could enjoy the same. Back then, I hardly got any pocket money. And, with that growing demand from my friend circle, I found an opportunity.

Ergo, empowered by a small idea in my head on my upcoming birthday I asked my parents to buy me a big case of a hundred blank Moser Baer CDs and another one with forty blank Moser Baer DVDs. And, with that wish being fulfilled, my 15th birthday marked the advent of my first business ever.

Post that, as and when my friends would request me for any of those games, movies or other trifling tools, I would download the respective items using torrents overnight, load them onto the discs I was abundant with and sell those back to them for a five Rupees surcharge over the cost of the CD/DVD.

Ergo, a movie or a game when burned on a CD worth Rs.10 was sold for Rs.15 and it earned me a profit of fifty percent on my investment without taking into account the cost for electricity, internet connection and the opportunity cost for the time invested.

Of this, I would buy back a new disc and place the profit of Rs.5 into my piggy bank. And, this naive business model which I continued for almost a year turned my piggy bank heavier by at least Five thousand Rupees!

Albeit in the beginning my friends were not happy with me charging them. But, given my charges were almost half and at times even lesser than the market charges, they began to find my services rather affordable.

With time passing by, word of mouth about my half prices began to play a booster and lured a number of people from the circles of my friends to become a part of my customer net. And, this way my first business model became a hit flushing in a significant sum of money into my piggy bank gradually as my market expanded.

Five thousand Rupees may be a menial sum to anyone reading this answer at the moment. However, for this 9th grader to have a backup pocket money pool of that amount was a pretty big deal. Ergo, my first business model may have been a naïve one, but it definitely lived to serve the purpose beyond my expectations.



3 thoughts on “Nugget-13: My Naive Business, From When I Was In 9th Grade.

  1. Hope I could be your friend .I am 27 and battling with depression for a long time. You have a positive aura.I loved your website a lot.Wish I could just be like you. I could have been a happier man then.


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