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Some time back I applied for an internship opportunity which I believed could be a turning point for my career trajectory. And, I had been ever curious ever since if I would get through or not given the high count of applicants for the position. Ergo, I began to wonder what should I do to keep myself different from the masses which would make me appear more creative and bolder than the other candidates.

About the same time, I across this question on Quora which went as follows- “What would you say about yourself at a job interview?” And, it was writing an answer for that question which laid in my hands the blueprint for the CV/resume I was going to develop for the internship offer.

Here is that blueprint-


I am Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra, blessed with glorious genes from the tenacious and workaholic Mrs. Shila Devi Mundhra and the man with impeccable integrity, Mr. Niranjan Mundhra.

I am a Final Year IT engineering student at ABV-IIITM, Gwalior with no interest in engineering anymore. I am enrolled here in a Five Year Integrated programme, and am about to begin my MBA in about three months from this writing.

So who exactly am I?

I am a greenhorn but prolific writer and a reading enthusiast. An economics and political aficionado who loves to debate of topics germane to the functioning of the world and factors that impact it. Also, I am a budding entrepreneur in the making and a regular blood donor.

I am someone who prefers playing with orphan girls at Shantiniketan, Gwalior over celebrating the festivals by bursting crackers or partying. I am a person who likes to sketch once in awhile, and aspires to master any one form of martial arts by the time I turn thirty.

Born in the land of Siliguri in Bengal neighbouring the serene mountains of Darjeeling, I spent first five years of my life being exposed to the bengali culture and eating preferences.

But, later life gave me the opportunity to spend a significant part of my life at an Indo-Pak border town in Rajasthan, Hanumangarh. During my stay there, I got to connect with my Rajasthani roots as I originally hail from a small village near Bikaner in Rajasthan.

Post that, I went on to hit puberty during my 9-year-stay at Bahadurgarh, Haryana, where I got to learn about the Haryanvi culture and as a bonus learned the vernacular dialect christened Jaatu. I experienced teenage, hormonal changes and also turned into a cantankerous and petulant child towards the later half of my stay there.

After that, I completed my senior secondary education amongst the comparatively much liberal folks of New Delhi. And, it was the impact of the lifestyle surrounding me there which turned me into an outgoing gregarious soul pumped with confidence to live a life larger than anyone in my family could have envisioned.

And, that lead me to the lands of Kota, and later Faridabad where we bought our first home. And finally, here I am completing my college education at one of the fabled four IIITs, branded after former Prime Minister Shri Atal Ji- ABVIIITM, Gwalior. I have almost completed my engineering in IT, and am slated to begin my MBA education from late July this year as I mentioned earlier.

This way I have been lucky to have got a life which has exposed me to lots of disparate cultures, people, ethos and ethnicities. And, also the scrumptious delicacies from all of those places.

However, I must caution you that I have next to zero knowledge of engineering despite being a student of that domain for almost three years. That is because I instead chose to invest my time, energy and other resources to the domains that fascinate me, like economics, psychology and especially politics.

However, as an interviewer you would probably be wondering how did I spend my days for three long consecutive years if I had not been studying engineering. And, that brings me to the point where I share with you dignitaries, my hobbies.

So, what do I do all day!

I spend most of my time stuck to my Kindle reading. Though I don’t read fiction, but when it comes to nonfiction genre, I love biographies, books on stock markets, self-help and mostly on entrepreneurship and financial-independence.

When, I am not reading on Kindle, I mostly am reading editorials from over seven different newspapers and forums like Project Syndicate, The Hindu, The Guardian, Business Standard & Indian Express et cetera.

When I am not doing that either, I write. And, once I get into doing that, there is nothing else that can get my attention. I write in the range of over 2,000-3,500 words a day.

What else?

I write letters. I write letters to people who I am grateful to. To authors whose books taught me something valuable.

To businessmen who have imbued me to take some tough choices like Shri Kishore Biyani Ji from the Future Group Conglomerate. And, I have also written letters of gratitude to stand up comedians who add joy to my life. Jeeveshu Alhuwalia and Aadar Malik are two examples of those.

My achievements?

My greatest achievement would be the fact that I added days to a cancer patient’s life by donating my platelets to her. The conspicuous gratitude and relief on her son’s face was the greatest remuneration I have ever earned.

Apart from that, I have been blessed with 2.4 Million answer views and 7.7k Followers on Quora where I share most of my written creation with the global citizenry on the forum.

I also accomplished 450 push-ups a day for a week and 300 push-ups a day for a month, when I challenged myself for the same after being inspired by a YouTube video.

Also, I have won quite a number of debates, group discussions, and other literary events at College.

Having said all of that, kindly allow me to share with you what experiences I have the potential to bring along myself.

What experience do I have to offer?

I was General Secretary at ABV-IIITM’s social welfare society Rotaract Club of Youth- IIITM and had been a part of the society for over two years first as a volunteer and later as a member.

I have also been a part of a large number of organizing committees and core teams for a number of events, inter-college competitions and intra-college festivals. Ergo, I have earned variegated experiences in domains of team and stress management.

Also, the experience of leading from the front on various of those aforementioned opportunities has made me more tenacious than I ever was, and also helped me gestate various leadership traits.

But most importantly, I am someone who lost my only guide to life, my father at the age of nineteen. I was just about to join college about a month from then. And, getting through that strenuous and emotionally afflicted phase of life has augmented a lot of traits and experiences into me that most in my age don’t get to learn.

The experience gestated in me the trait often cited as emotional intelligence and also built in me the attitude to never give up no matter how tough and messy situations may turn. And, that I believe is an asset which many claim to possess, but I can guarantee to express and display when the need arises.

That in precise form is the experience I have the potential to bring along with myself wherever I tread.

Respected Sirs and Madams,

I am not an experienced, old, proven or sage man. I am just a 22-year-old fellow who happens to be a pragmatic dreamer with a knack for economics and political science.

My greatest asset, I believe is my ability to always see a silver lining in worst of things. And, that helps me get through things that many tend to succumb to. Ergo, it sets me apart from the deluged lot (I believe).

And, empowered by that attitude I try to dream big every night, and work hard and smart to realize that dream in the days. My energy and honesty are the arsenal I walk abundant with. And, a commitment to dedication is all I have to offer you and your esteemed organization.

What’s my objective behind the intent of joining your organization?

To give my best to the whatever I do. To take back the best of lessons from whatever I do.

Thanks for your patience everyone and I wish you all an enriching and impactful day ahead. Bliss!


With that blueprint ready, I crafted my first CV ever. I kept it raw, fresh, absolutely honest and as unconventional as possible. Why? Because that is what would set me apart from the masses, I thought. I could have been wrong here. But then I thought isn’t being a little creative and a bit extra honest, worth a shot even for sake of an experience!

And, that’s how I came up with this-

Screenshot (260).png

Screenshot (261).png

And, then on the fateful afternoon of 12th May 2017, I received the mail of confirmation that I got through. What made me happier is the fact that before being shortlisted, I even got a personal message on Quora from one of the members on the panel who selected me. And, here is what it said-

Screenshot (259).png

Being creative and striving to set myself as different from the rest, I created a CV that was informal, indirect, and highlighted on my traits with brief glimpses of my life unlike the usual CVs which straight away put in the points. Out of the four people I shared my CV with, only one appreciated and approved of it, while one was quite sceptical.

And, the other two including my mother were highly doubtful that such an informally crafted CV which included the mention of my 450 pushups a day challenge, was going to get me anywhere. But, I believed in my conviction in anyway. And, blessed with my parent’s belief and blessings I cracked through.

And, empowered with my powerful intent to be different and creative, tomorrow I am finally going to, begin with, my internship and live upto my commitments.



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