Greetings Readers!

I have not been writing that prolifically these days. That’s because I have been pre-occupied with other jobs that have to be acted upon as a priority for now. However, as I have mentioned in several of my writings, I keep experimenting with various habits and arts to keep my creative brain all fired up.

And, with that intent some time ago I took up writing quotes inspired from my own life experiences. Another activity which I had begun to pursue much earlier was to sketch. And, though I abandoned the habit to sketch in the midst of this course, I lately took it back up.

And, with that, I am launching two new sections from tomorrow morning here on my website- Drawings and Quotes. In those sections, the reader would find my sketches (Mostly inspired by other artists) and quotes (Always inspired by my own life).

I hope, my fellow readers would also enjoy the creative side of me. I’m not good at drawing, nor am I great when it comes to writing quotes. So, please feel free to drop in your benign and constructive suggestion each time you may feel necessary.

With all that said, I wish to repeat that the first quote and sketch to be featured here on my website will be out tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM IST, and I will be posting a post almost every day, I would strive to add at least two new sketches a week.



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