Aryama Bhattachary, a newly turned 18-year-old fellow Quoran asked me to answer the question- What advice do you have for an 18 year old? And, in this post I have shared my answer to the same. I hope the reader finds something valuable to take away from the same 🙂

Oh boy!

I had been there. But, I didn’t make the most of the opportunities and resources that I had access to when I was eighteen. Then much later, after turning 21 I finally began to ponder over the impediments to my goals and what mistakes I made.

And, to sum up in a nutshell, hitherto then I had been investing my precious time and energy into things that don’t produce any value. Naught. And, with that, I frittered away the final years of my teens achieving not even point one percent of what I could have otherwise.

And, that brings me to the point where I share with you the three word advice I have for an eighteen year old- ‘Manage Time Well.’ I know, the reader maybe going like- “Urghh! Everyone says that, but how to do that?”

Ergo, allow me to give you a head start. So, let’s go!

Rule #1:

Build more connections and lesser friends. That way you would depend on lesser people, and will have to cater to needs and expectations of only a small set of special people. You will save an enormous amounts of time that way.

Rule #2:

Talk less. Listen more. And, think even more. The more you talk, the more garbage you will generate in your head. So, only allow your resources to be used on matters that actually need your time. In a word, don’t gossip or talk useless shit. You will again save loads of time.

Rule #3:

Exercise a lot. Or maybe not a lot, but still invest enough time everyday into exercising your muscle machine. The more time you will invest in exercising, the lesser would be your chances of falling ill or weak. You will save so much of time that way that it would soon seem to be a boon like no other.

But, what to do once you begin to implement all of those rules in your life? You would have a lot of time at hand and it has to be put to a judicious use else the malevolent evil in your head won’t take a second to exploit your empty mind into a devil’s workshop.

So, here is what you must do then to keep the vicious devil at bay.

Invest time into reading a lot of books or erudite posts and blogs over the internet. Quality content rich newspapers would also serve the purpose to some extent. Read from well-informed sources and expand your thinking horizons. This way you would strengthen your grey matter and turn into a walking body of knowledge.

Invest time into mastering skills and domains that would help you gain independency in the times to come. And, remember, these must include financial literacy, art of negotiations and how to get better at presentation skills.

Presentation does not only mean standing in front of a bunch of people and elucidating a PowerPoint presentation. It means the ability to express one’s thoughts and ideas in an eloquent manner be it via a writ medium, a speech, on a debate, or as earlier stated, a PowerPoint presentation.

What else?

Invest that time into building a really sound and blossoming relationship with that small lot of special people I aforementioned. Remember that these are the small set of people you love, and receive back the same in abundance from.

Ergo, invest time into talking to them, spending time with them, listening to their experiences and sharing yours with them. Invest your time into helping them when they need you, and never miss an opportunity to show them how blessed you feel to have them by your side buttressing you in thick and thin.

However, always remember that doing that much is good but not enough. Nothing can ever be enough as, there will always be a scope for extra shine. Or as the clichéd maxim puts it- ‘There is always scope for improvement.’

So, make sure that you keep on reinventing your practices and time distribution for all of those activities and trades in such a manner that some of the activities save you time to allocate to other meaningful and important activities.

I wish the reader a greatness and success abundant journey in life that waits them. Dream big every night, and wake up every day only to work harder and smarter to realize those dreams. May you achieve all the greatness you may have envisioned for yourself, and may you make this world a better place.

Having said all of that, I would like to leave the earnest reader with a tenet that I follow without a thought. It is a tenet which influences my actions in whatever domain I am working on, be it personal life, its physical or mental aspect or taking some important decisions at tough time. And, my experience for the same has been simply blissful.

Retain the values. Reinvent the rules.

– Mr. Kishore Biyani (Founder and CEO, Future Group)



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