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I am a person who has never been able to understand the worldly definitions of beauty. I often wonder how did such a large proportion of our population end up defining beauty on parameters like a person’s skin tone, complexion, body figure and the proportion of fats at various positions on one’s body.

That in my understanding is a skewed travesty that most of the souls on this planet have begun to abide by. And, it is really saddening. I mean what the heck is going on around all of us!

Members of our society are preaching their daughters to lose weight so they can easily get them married off. Then there are other members who are busy purchasing plethora of cosmetics which make your skin tone turn lighter.

And, all those fashion shows and beauty pageants promoting the ideal 36–24–36 body proportions. That’s sick. In fact, in the name of beauty, our society has gone way too far with products in the markets claiming to whiten and brighten the vaginas!

Also, as if all of that was not doleful enough, a lot of girls of the day are getting silicon implants in their breasts and butt, getting their lips ballooned and their noses thinned, and whatnot. And, so much in the name of being more beautiful!

I ask, when and where does this insanity stop?

There has to be an end to this growing menace that apparently our so-called intolerant society is too calm and poised about.

Recently, there was a little uproar about the fairness creams when Indian actor Abhay Deol used his celebrity stature to raise some voice against the use of such cosmetic products which promulgate the belief that white skin is superior. the same was then also championed by popular Indian YouTuber, Bhuvan Bam.

Imbued by those men, several people took to social media and began lashing Garnier, Fair n Lovely and other such fabled labels. The bashing went on for two days and then everything got back to business as usual. And, that is where the problem lies.

We simply don’t care enough. And, a big reason that also being that most of us have grown being prosaic and complacent to such thoughts. What thoughts? The ones that draw a proportionality between beauty and an individual’s fairness, waist size and ethnicity.

Oh dear women all around me, please sport a smile, walk with your pectorals out, shoulders broad and sheer confidence in your eyes. And, trust me, you would look jaw dropping beautiful compared to what that make-up or cut-out figure could have made you look like.

I am someone who calls it a crazy world where people apply fard of cosmetics and what not to turn beautiful while just a smile does much more wonders than those in augmenting one’s beauty. Ergo, that’s what I dislike about my society the most. Period.



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