Greetings Reader!

I became a part of this forum now almost three years back. However, I began to get prolific about writing here only over a year ago. And, hitherto then, I had managed to had about some 150ish followers most of which comprised of my college mates. And, here I am, amazed by the stats on my profile reading- Over 7.3k Followers, 2.39 Million views and over 660 answers to my name.

Over this course, I wrote some answers that went viral and accrued me an unexpected loads of love, attention and extolling. A number of people blessed me with constructive suggestions and advices on how I could write even better. I accepted a few of those suggestions and bore fruitful results, while I left the others choosing my own perspective and taste above those.

A lot happened during this journey. There were several lacunae of time when I fell short of ideas to write about and thus took hiatuses from Quora. But, every time I just came back as there was an attachment of some sort. And, each time my written creations and I were blessed with more love than the previous stay.

There were instances when I was bashed by fellow Quorans when they took umbrage on my overt perspectives which were at times different from the general view or maybe too were liberal. Sometimes my perspectives seemed too palatable to a few readers and brought me a lot of hate and invectives.

But, more than any of those negatives, what humbled me the most, were actually the loads of messages that deluge my inbox here. Loads of blessings, love, wishes found their way to my life. It felt like a serendipity as I was short of positivity then, and, it completely made up for it.

It was like I was attracting positive energy from all directions. At times when I was low, my mood would be pumped up by a message of appreciation from a stranger here. Then, there were also times when people went on to write answers about me. I could have never envisioned someone investing their precious time, energy and thoughts to write about me.

That is how Quora has managed to keep me upbeat at numerous instances when I was not at the best of my shape. It made me develop a special feeling about self which was new and enchanting for me. But, all of that is not what makes me so attached to this forum. It is the change that this forum has brought about in my life, and the leads I have gotten from here to better my living, that makes me so addicted to the forum.

When I joined Quora over almost three years back, I had just lost my father. So, I did not know how to get over the pain of bereavement of a dear one. I was trying to not being gulp down into the murky gulf of depression. Quora led me to the realization that there are people with much more travails and troubles in their lives. It taught me how to have a positive outlook no matter how bad things could get.

It helped me gestate a fresh and pragmatic outlook on my life, and ergo helped me ensure that I would never be depressed again. Furthermore, I had just joined college and was at the cusp of making or breaking my future at its most critical juncture. I did not know what path I should charter to ensure I can have a secure and bright future.

I had big dreams and ideas but had no clues on how to realize them. I had loads of aspirations, interests and hobbies but did not know how to fathom which ones were more important, how to hone my skills at those and how to not just be another average in the lot. I was all black about how to use the resources at college to become a stronger and better-equipped citizen who would be an asset to himself, his mother and the people around.

I was an inundated, weighed down kid discombobulated by the myriad of questions wobbling me down. And, as I mentioned, I had just lost my father back then, I had lost my guide to all those important facets of life which I had no or vague exposure to. But, it were the fellow Quorans who offered me the required guidance, head starts and knowhow pertinent to all of those queries and qualms.

In a way, Quora made up to an extent for the void of a guide that my father was to me. I am not saying that it made up of my father. It never can. Nothing can. But, it definitely played a critical role when it came to the position of a guide in my life. And, whatever I am today, this forum has had a large role in making me that and it continues to play that role. And, that is what makes me so attached to this forum.

Having said that, do I still need to elucidate on what Quora means to me? I don’t think so. I feel love for the ones who bestowed plethora of love and blessings over me. I feel reverence for those elder Quorans who took time to bless me or wrote insightful and erudite answers and posts which taught me a thing or two, and helped me turn a but wiser too.

And, finally, I personally feel blessed and lucky, to have been led to create an account on this life changing forum on one fine evening of August 26th 2014.


A Gratified and Overwhelmed Quoran.

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