#1. I hand-write almost all of my drafts before I type and post. And, thus I often end up not posting a lot of my posts out of my indolence or at times losing the sheets.


#2. I packed up all my t-shirts and shirts I owned a month back from this writing, and now own just four T-shirts all of which are exact same apart from the colour. Read more here.

Screenshot (230).png

#3. I have lived in various places of India- Siliguri, Hanumangarh, Bahadurgarh, New Delhi, Kota, Faridabad, Gwalior- 7 towns and cities, 5 states of India.

#4. My mother and I were born on the same date of 11th December. That is pretty rare. I have never met another person who shares his/her birthday with his/her parents. Though I did come across several such people on Quora.

#5. I love to look good. At least I try to. I almost always dress up well if I’m heading out even for mere 5 minutes. Again, at least I try to look good. I simply love to view myself in the mirror.

#6. Average child laughs 315 times a day. Average adult laughs 15 times a day. I laugh almost 90-100 times a day.

#7. I learnt to swim on my own. I was in the 7th standard back then and used to go swimming with my friends. While my friends learnt the sport in mere 15 days with the help of a coach, I mastered its various forms on my own in 30 days.

#8. I’m an avid coin and stamp collector. I have a collection of almost 295 coins from over 59 nations. These coins go far back to the ages of the 16th century. Also, I have 289 stamps from over 77 nations. Not even my closest friends know about it.


#9. If you don’t have proof of something. It’s pretty tough for me to believe you. I have pretty strong respect for my rationale. And, I keep its judgments in very high esteem. So, unless one has a pretty strong reason to change my views on something, I’m not buying it.

#10. I have seen the FRIENDS TV sitcom for 7 times. All ten seasons, seven times. I know that might be unpalatable to some. But, I simply can’t resist the Joey love.

#11. At my peak, I have performed 450 push-ups in a single day. It was a part of a challenge I took on myself. I keep taking such challenges every now and then. Most recent one being about taking yourself out on a date every fortnight. Find that strange? Read more here.

#12. I’m very peculiar about the way things around me are used. One must use everything with utter care, else they can expect some rants from me. Call it OCD or anything else. But, I like everything properly placed in the places they are supposed to be. I don’t like it when people take things they have for granted.

#13. Other than my exam time, I read about 4-5 hours a day. Reading is the fuel that keeps me going. I have a huge appetite for learning more and more. And, my books are the greatest source for that. And, fiction does not appeal to me.

#14. I can’t read even three pages straight from a physical book without yawning. I find physical/paperback books very displeasing. Kindle is my all-time best bud in this regard.


#15. I know a lot about International politics, Israel, Mossad, Sayeret Matkal, Middle-East conflicts and Modern Indian history. I ardently follow Sino-Indian relationship and Indo-Pak relations.

#16. Be it Holi or Diwali, festivals don’t excite me much. Visiting orphanages is much more my thing. Or maybe staying back in the room reading & writing a lot of stuff making most of the holiday.


#17. I have been caught cheating thrice. Each of the three times it was examinations of Sanskrit subject in school. Also, each time it was the same teacher. Misery!

#18. Be it today or 20 years later. But, I’ll definitely end up in Mumbai. I have been in love with the city ever since I visited it last year. There is no place which appeals to me like Mumbai in India.

#19. I can’t wait for episodes of sitcoms to be released. So, I binge watch them once the entire series is over. I keep a lot of snacks laid around me, and I watch TV sitcoms straight for several hours in a go.

#20. I’m terrific at remembering dates. First hug. First proposal. The day I got 1 Million views on Quora. The day I began blogging. The day I began reading. Everything. I have it all imprinted in my head.

Phew! My brain is super tired after this. Time for some rest. Bliss!



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