Yes it happened.

As absurd or kooky it may sound, I took myself out on a date!

Four days back. It was the first time that we were out together. Me and Myself.

No mobile phone, Quora, people bugging me or any pings from random friends to get me distracted from embracing my own inner beauty and thoughts.

I grabbed my wallet, stashed some cash into it and headed to the nearest shopping mall with McDonald’s.

I ordered everything I liked to eat for me and myself.

A Soft Serve cone that I could both lick on. Four scrumptious McAloo Tikki burgers and a Pizza McPuff to feast upon. And, then an Ice tea to sip from in case I got thirsty.

I did not have to share or give a bite to anyone else, but just myself.

And, that privilege matters a lot when you are having your favourite food. Also, when you are an ardent Joey Tribbiani fan.

During the entire fooding experience, I thought of nothing else but the mouth-watering eatables my mouth was savouring to the fullest.

No thoughts of the pending project submission, uncompleted blog post and the messages I didn’t reply to.

The time was well spent eating and embracing the stuff that I yearned for.


Once I was done, I took a long walk before heading back to college during which I dedicated myself to sundry thoughts that needed my undivided attention.

I asked myself several questions about my life, the extant imbroglios I was stuck into and the solutions that I could use to conquer them.

I also asked myself what were the things that I did best over the past two weeks, and what I could have done better.

Then I asked myself to introspect if I did wrong to anyone, be it anything intentional or something inadvertent.

If the answer to that was in positive, I would ask a follow-up question, “What should I write in the letter of apology I was going to pen down for them?”

Amazingly, the feast that I had given myself at the McDonalds just some time back proved wonders.

I say so because by the time I reached back College, my gleeful and calm mind had given me answers to almost all of my questions.

And, that was the end of blissful date I took myself upon.

What did I gain from it?

The time I needed for myself to catch up with whatever I had been running after, chasing and doing things one after another.

And, the date served its intention just perfectly.

And, it was after that pristine night when I decided to take myself out on a date once every fortnight as I had been imbued by the peace I could feel in my head.

I took that decision to escape from the world, the people around me, the distractions and the sundry tools I use to just be involved with one person.

It was the most important person to me- Myself.



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