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The scene for stand-up comedians in India is finally a blossoming one. Various new generation comedians are breaking the societal norms by partaking this unconventional profession and are making it big with their conspicuous hard work.

Abish Matthew, Kanan Gill, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, Daniel Fernandez, Biswa Kalyan Rath and much more such names have turned into web celebrities who are renowned and celebrated for their impeccable and superlative talents to spread smiles and laughter.

And, among these and several other such laughterpreneurs, there is one who is very special, astoundingly talented and stands apart from the rest in his league. Yes, he too speaks jokes like all the other comedians aforementioned, but the way he delivers those is what makes him special.

The likes of Abish Matthew use their acting skills to power their puns. Similarly, the likes of Kenny, Biswa and Kanan Gill use their sarcasm and deft logics to create humour. And, then there is another way to deliver the jokes which I have observed in no one but the ingenious Aadar Malik.

In case the reader does not know him, Aadar is a part of five-members Comic Collective, Schitzengiggles Comedy, also known as SnG Comedy. And, he has been doing stand up for quite some time now.

What intrigues me the most about this person is the following- He is a deft songwriter with a knack for music and also a deft comedian with an unbeatable sense of humour. And, this person is pursuing all of those art forms by finding a common shade amongst them.

He writes his jokes in the form of songs. Then he creates music to hold that song together with mellifluous sounds he creates with his Piano, Guitar and other instruments.

And, no other Indian Comedian does that (No one does that on the entire planet in my knowledge). He is unique for he chose to take all of his passions, blend them together and create a masterpiece out of those.

And, that teaches us a lot about success and life. I wonder if Aadar himself would have ever thought that his prodigious comic journey could be a source of life lessons and wisdom nuggets for someone.

What I learned from this talented man is the following-

You know how at times we wonder that we like to do a lot of things. And, we wish to partake in very many activities. You know how at times we wish we could do it all and have it all.

But, it is tough to decide what one thing you should choose to take forward as of then to dedicate all your focus, energy, time and intelligence to it. You know, to attain a certain level of niche or mastery in something.

Well, Aadar broke that stereotype into a myriad of smithereens. What he has taught me is that you don’t really have to choose one out of the many things you love to do. Rather, what you ought to do is to observe the spheres of all of those things you love. And, choose the domain where the spheres of all those interests/passions intersect.

The common domain where all of your interests overlap is where no one else can beat you. That is going to be your trailblazing phenomena. Something that would catapult your potential to differentiate you from the enormous deluged crowd.

The very masterful way Aadar blends, enjoys and then presents the mix of his passions sets him on to a different league of comedians that exist in the current stand-up ecosystem in all of India. And, it is a really big deal to stand amongst and yet apart in a population of 129 Crores Indians!

Same goes for Abish Matthew as well. The person coalesced his acting prowess with his knack for comedy and what he is doing today is being appreciated and celebrated, while he earns his living pursuing trades which he loves to do the most.

How better could it get! I am not saying that things are a cake walk for those guys. Things are tough for them just like they are for any other living soul on this planet. But, at least their choices are helping them survive on activities and work that makes them happy and not something that one does because everyone else chose that path.

And, that is a really very big deal. In my perspective, the men and women like Aadar and Abish live a life that imbues several others around them, and we need more and more of such people who would choose themselves and the things they love to do above the norms of the society and it conventional paths to money making.

Just in case you haven’t yet been witness to Aadar’s prowess as a masterful comedian artist, here is one of his small videos from YouTube-

I hope the earnest reader may have found something valuable, worth their time and read in this post. I wish the reader an enriching day ahead.



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