Some time back while surfing on Quora I came across a question- “What makes you beautiful?” It wondered what actually makes me appear that way to a person?

And, then I came up with following conclusion in my head. I hope the reader embraces the thoughts expressed and also finds value addition with this read. So, let’s go!

Every morning when I am at home and wake up, I shout out for Maa. She knows that her son has the habit to see her face as the first thing in the morning. So, she too comes running from the kitchen.

She is usually sweating from working in the kitchen and preparing breakfast. Her hair are mostly tied to the back of her head in a sloppy manner. Also, she doesn’t look immaculate and tidy that way either. And, yet she looks gorgeous.

Hers is the most surreal and prettiest face I have ever come across. I don’t know if others embrace her beauty the same way as I do. But, I know that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever come across. Why?

Because it is the love that binds us together that makes someone beautiful to us but not to others.

When she smiles, I see her face glisten up in a strange but amazing manner. But, I can bet no other person can see that shine the way I do. Because it is the love for her in my heart that makes every sight of her so astounding to my eyes.

And, that brings me to the point where I finally answer this question, “What makes me beautiful?”

It is the place I hold in the viewer’s heart that makes me beautiful. To some, I might me moderately good looking.

To others I may appear as a guy with eccentric and strange facial features. While to someone special, I might also be the most beautiful person they have ever come across in their entire lifetime!

Just random thoughts. I guess I need to find some good book to read so that I can better use of my time. So toodles 🙂



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