Greetings Readers!

On the 26th of March 2016, I was exploring the sunny beaches of Goa, India. I covered five beaches that day. The salty waters were raging and splashing with all their might at all of the beaches I visited.

The waters would make more and more noise as they would approach the shore. I was witnessing all of this while sauntering across the warm beaches soaking the warmth of the sun.

With every passing moment I could feel my body calming down as my mind was accruing peace from the infinite bliss of Mother Nature.

It was then that a eunoia (a beautiful thought) struck my mind-

Peace is sequestered in every bit of this world around me.
Even in these noisy waves.
I just had to let it in.
What I am experiencing is axiomatic bliss.


I derived that epiphany when I realized that despite the noisy waves, I was for some strange reason not irritated, rather I was embracing and deriving peace out of it.

And, with that said I wish to come to the point where I answer this question. People think they need solace and to be left alone to find peace and calm in this world.

They are wrong.

Peace and calm are omnipresent.

I reiterate. What is something that everyone thinks they need, but they really don’t?

It’s the need to be alone to experience peace.

Need for solace to feel the peace is superfluous.



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