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As I have previously mention in most of my posts, I read a lot of self-help books. And, it’s not just for a reading sake. Rather, I read those books to gain insights on how people across the world have been benefited by practicing several rituals, habits and living by certain principles.

What I gain from those books is certain directions to follow and discover better sides of me and augment the bliss and calm in my life. And, I have been reading and practicing such habits and practices for over eleven months now.

And, parsing through my experience of reinvention over this course I have transformed my living several folds. And, none of good things that I accrued over this course would have been bestowed upon me if I had not taken up reading as a habit on the fateful day of 9th May 2016.

Sundry self-help books that I came in contact with and was imbued by during this course include masterful creations of esteemed authors like James Altucher, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dushka Zapata, Hal Elrod and Robin Sharma and many more.

And, here I am sharing with my earnest readers 7 principles that those books taught me. I may also like to point out that I have tried and been exposed to several other tenets as well.

But, I am only enumerating here the ones that I believe I have been able to live by staunchly without any significant deviations. I have been successful in adapting to these principles in my own living.

Also, these happen to be the tenets that have had most impact on my transformation over this course. Ergo,I hope the reader is benefited in some way from this post. Happy reading!

Rule #1 :

Before getting myself into any activity I must always question myself- “If I am to die the very next moment, would I die a happy man given I would be engaged in this particular activity?”

If the answer to that question is negative, then I simply don’t invest myself, my time, energy and intelligence into that superfluous activity, whatsoever it may be.

This way I strive to make sure that whenever the twilight of my life strikes, I die content and happy.

Rule #2 :

There are people all around us. And, the world is teeming with advices, views and opinions that these people have got to offer. Listen to them if you wish to. There is no harm in that.

However, don’t follow or accept any of those beliefs just that simply. It’s very important to pass each of those advices through this filter in our head called, grey matter which is powered by a supreme asset- Rationale.

Do only the things that you own rationale deems fit for you. Listen to as many of those people out there. But, ultimately- Choose Yourself!

That’s the rule I abide by. This may have made the people proffering advices unhappy at times. But, it has time and again saved me of compunction, guilt and regrets of having not listened to myself.

Rule #3 :

I must be selective in choosing the things that I wish to dedicate myself and my resources to. And, for that I must be a proud naysayer. Every time I am inundated with a lot of things demanding my attention, I always decide my movement with a simple judgment in my mind- “Is this the thing that I wish to do the most right now?”

If the answer is yes, I invest all of me into the activity. Else, I just say a polite “No” be it someone else, or my own inner self.

This way I get to spend my time doing things I care about and not just the things that would fulfil other’s agendas or derive unwanted results. Doing less and saying no helps me ensure that I only get into things that make me go, “Oh Yeah!”

Rule #4 :

What is life? A very long series of experiences and learnings juxtaposed together over a course of several years from when a body begins to breathe until when it just stops doing that.

So, it’s about gleaning experiences and lessons one after another. It’s about advancing and growing and evolving. But alas, oft-repeatedly the humans all around us, (including me) just stop to grow and learn.

For instance, we procrastinate, postpone or at times let go of life changing opportunities just because we think we are not yet ready. And, that is sad. Because that policy of life is an absolute anathema to the tenet to earning experiences or levelling up in this game of life.

And, once you stop earning those invaluable experiences and lessons, you are practically dead. Maybe the body may still be inhaling, exhaling and performing sundry other metabolisms, but you are dead anyway just waiting to be burnt or buried at the age of 75.

Ergo I tell myself every day to keep on doing something new, reading something new, trying something new and learning something new. Abiding by this tenet helps me ensure that I don’t just exist in this ever-crowded planet. I live!

Rule #5 :

We often end up saying- “I am not meant for that. That’s not my cup of tea.” And, every time we do that, we only belittle ourselves by underestimating our sequestered potential.

I could never even perform as many as 30 push-ups in a day. I had never been at all athletic. Neither was I physically fit and strong. So, I never even dared to move past that glorious feat which I had accomplished long back in various sets leading to a total of just 30 push-ups in the entire day.

Then in the month of February 2016, I finally challenged myself to build up in me the iron to perform 300 pushups a day in a month long period. I did that. Within a period of a little over two months I clocked up to 450 push-ups in a day.

This was the first time I realized a very crucial lesson of life which I strive to live by today- “Every time you set a limit for your potential and define the contours of a so called comfort zone- You belittle yourself and commit to live by a very big fallacy.”

Ergo I strive to come up with regular challenges like the one discussed above to help me explore better horizons of me to conquer and discover myself. Living by this small but powerful tenet helps me level up in life.

Rule #6 :

Most of us live small, prosaic and average lives. In a word, it’s a life of mediocrity. Maybe it’s because the people around us (Including me) are too timid afraid of failures to even have the audacity to dream big.

But, this failure on our part to have a vision for our lives and the society around us has gravely impacted our prospects. Think of it this way-

Only a handful of people alive today, like Jeff Bezos, Travis Kalanick, Elon Musk, Sergey Brin or Larry Page et al envisioned to create something that would simplify the way our world functions today.

And, the results that came out of that vision are things that have impacted and to some degree completely changed the way our world functions today. If just a handful of people could add so much of value to the mankind, imagine how big wonders would have been possible if each one of us dared to have a vision.

Furthermore, neither of those people were specially gifted in any manner. Each one of them was just as simple and ordinary as the reader and the writer of this post. So, if they could make it happen, why can’t we!

It’s all possible if one dares to dream. And, thus I tell myself every now and then- Dream bigger. Then, dream better. And, then figure out how to make it happen. Ultimately some day in future, I’ll make it happen!

Rule #7:

Life is short. 75 or 80 years of stay on this planet as a human may seem to be an arduously long course. But, when a person gets to business, he/she takes not much time to realize that life is moving pretty fast and they are running out of time to accomplish things they yearned for.

Therefore, whatever we do it must not earn us just incremental growth. That’s never going to be enough for us to live up to our cherished aspirations, desires and potential.

Rather what we need the most is to do things that don’t give incremental but transformational growth. That is the only way we can realize the greatness that we aspire for in this short and unpredictable time span.

Ergo, I always try to come up with ideas, solutions and activities to pursue which would transform my life for the better instead of some prosaic growth that would take much longer to create an impact that I desired.

This tenet has also taught me a very crucial lesson- There is always a way if you want it to be. Else, it’s a rock solid wall which reads, “There is no way you can get through this.”

Empowered by those 7 Tenets, I live the life of an Intrepid Blithesome Maverick transforming various facets of my life with the intent of transforming the world one day.

Wishing the reader an enriching and transformational month of April 2017 ahead!




2 thoughts on “7 Tenets That Transformed My Life!

  1. I love the 1st rule where you question yourself if you’d die a happy man doing what you’re currently doing. I’m going to put this into practice henceforth. Thank you for the wonderful article. 🙂


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