Greetings Reader,

On the 8th of March every year, people all over the Globe observe the International Women’s Day. And, many of those people also take to social media, speeches, videos and various other means to express their gratitude to the women in their lives.

Many prepare or buy gifts for their beloved wives and mothers. Some cook food and sundry delicacies for them or at times take them out for some movie, picnic, dinner or a long drive. People all-round the globe use the day to celebrate the women in their lives.

And I belong to a small fraction of those people who don’t really give a damn about it. I have my reasons why I find all of it to be just a one day facade that the people of this world create only to shatter into smithereens the very next day.

Why just respect and revere the women in our lives for just a day? Why just surprise her by cooking a meal one day of the year while she works her ass off in the kitchen, cleans the house, and washes the clothes and at the same time in some cases even earn a living all on their own!

Rather, why not just tell them that you love them on a regular basis and help them handle various daily chores to ease their life? Maybe wash the dishes while they cooks. Assist them in washing the clothes while they also clean the house. Maybe buy the groceries and other household utilities while they can take some rest from the arduous course of her day.

What I find more appealing is doing something for them as a daily ritual which makes the lives of women in my world better and gives them the sense that they are not alone in this arduous journey of life. And dedicating a day to just express gratitude to her does not seem to help much in achieving that aspect to me.

So, I prefer to be a part of their lives, and be a companion to them on a daily basis as that makes much sense for me- Be it my beloved Maa or someone else from the other gender that is the way I prefer to show my gratitude love and reverence.

But then, all of that is not what International Women’s Day is about! All of that is something meant for Mother’s Day, or if their exists some sort of Sister’s or Female Friend’s Day. What I am trying to underscore upon is the following-

The masses have all together misconstrued the real essence of Women’s Day itself. It was a day dedicated to celebrate the travails, hardships and sacrifices the females have made in our society to gain somewhat of a balance in our highly patriarchal society, like the fight for Universal Suffrage and Right to Education et cetera.

International Women’s Day was marked with the goal of making further developments and movements towards achieving that balance in the society where both genders get equal opportunities, say and power in the world and its daily affairs.

What I wrote above was the basic definition of Feminism in fact. However, I refrained from using the word as a lot of people (Both males and females) have conjectured it to be a movement for dominance of females over the males. And that is absurd.

Most of the people these days have begun to celebrate the International Women’s Day akin to Mother’s Day! A day when men and women of the family and society should sit together to discuss how they can make their surroundings more safer, secure and take measures to promote egalitarianism, we are busy doing all other kinds of things.

In a way the day itself has lost its essence and actual charm. It is no longer serving the purpose it was meant to. At least not to the extent or arithmetic it was meant to. We probably now need to think deeper about how we fritter off a day of such significance and importance doing all sorts of things but the things that actually matter.

Respect and love are not a commodity to present to someone as a serendipity once a year. We have to ensure that the women who adorn our world actually get a blissful and egalitarian society to experience that love and respect every day and every hour.

And, that won’t be possible if we are going to keep away from matters of importance and make them happier for just a day with surprises, dinner outside or a movie as I aforementioned. It is about making a change for the better. And, that can never happen in a day.

I leave the reader with the choice to tinker more over the issue. Wishing the reader an enriching day ahead!



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