Greetings Reader!

At times I like to challenge the existing norms and establishes ethos and cultures in our society.

And though I do it all in my own head, at times I like to be vocal about it when thought sticks to a nerve in my head.

And, something similar happened a couple of days back. While surfing on Quora, I came across a question- What is the most overrated thing in this world?

The question seemed like it could give my grey matter a good exercise. So, I put on my proverbial thinking cap and began to think about it.

I came up with a number of things to reach to an interesting thought. Marriages are one of the oldest social practices that the mankind know of.

And, what does it stand for? To officiate the love of two people? The thought irked me and got my thoughts running.

If two people love each other, isn’t that good enough for them? Why does a couple in love have to go as far as to give their an insignia or a certificate?

If two people do feel for each other, why do they have to corroborate that to the society and others?

What can a married couple do that an unmarried pair of lovebirds cannot?

Two individuals expressing love, care, compassion to each other does not need a marriage.

Two loving and caring souls sharing their joys, sorrows and successes and failures with each other too doesn’t need a marriage.

Two compatible and loving companions raising a family together also doesn’t really need a marriage.

So, what is all the fuss all about? The society and its ethos confuse me at times. And, that was a thought I believed I must share with others.

My perspective or way of thinking may seem a bit eccentric, but it does get my head charged up and ticklish at times.


The Blithesome Thinker.


One thought on “Nugget-3: Are Marriages Overrated?

  1. I think marriage ties a knot between two people as compared to “people in love.” Marriage makes sure you stick with your partner in “bad” times,as not married couples are not obligated to do any thing. I think marriage is not overrated…its the perspective that changes it all.

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