Greetings Readers!

So, my exams are approaching from this 20th. So, I won’t be able to chunk out 1.5k-2k words on a daily basis for the time being. But, writing is my worship that keeps me joyous and vivacious. It keeps me agile and fuels my thinking machine.

If I don’t write on a daily basis, I feel enervated and lethargic. It’s like an addiction which I just can’t let go off. And, such examinations pop up six times a year taking away as much as 60-70 precious days off my hands including the preparation and rebound time, which I would have preferred put to a different and better use in my perspective.

So, I had to find a solution by which my writing ritual won’t be impacted by any of such extraneous examinations no more. And, it’s with that mindset that I came up with a new machination just like the “Mini Reading Series (MRS)” that I had come up with last month.

From now on when I would be rid by paucity of time, I would write small and succinct posts which probably won’t be as lengthy as the usual length. These will be called “Nuggets.” Daily writing is important and the activity that matters the most to me must not stop unless I have got no way out.

If I find time and energy to write the big posts which I love to spend time over, I am going to do that. But, in case I won’t be able to carve out that much of critical resources, I would be posting a Nugget that day. That’s the agreement I have made with myself, and this post was to spread the word to my beloved readers.

I hope the readers would embrace and enjoy the Nuggets that I produce here. Wishing everyone a blessed day ahead and endless reasons to smile blithesomely.




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