Concentrate and strive to better “What you do in life” by taking learnings and cues from “What you have become because of what you did in the past.”

– Shri Niranjan Mundhra

The man who shared the aforementioned platitude with me was my father. He would often tell me that making mistakes is actually good. But, not learning from them and making similar mistakes over and over again is shitty and bad.

He would tell me, who you are is what your past made you. The mistakes, successes and the failures that you witnessed made you something that you are today. The relationships, friends and associations you formed or got into built your character and behaviour.

Your knowledge and understanding of the world and yourself as of this moment will form your decisions and opinions. And, that’s who you are. But, you need not be the same even in the future to come. Your present may not harbinger very pleasing sight for your future, but, you can change that.

What you do to make your future better is the only matter of importance. Doesn’t matters how bad a state your deeds of the past have left you into, it does not count at all to your future unless you let it.

Your future can vary based on how you want to lead your life now that everything else is the past- Do you wish to continue life as it is, or do you wish to bring about any changes in that machination.

What you do from now on in the present would determine what you would be tomorrow. The amends you make to correct those mistakes of past, how you deal with those successes you realized and how you cope up with those failures you came across are going to decide what you will be tomorrow.

The relationships, cohorts and the associations you will form or join into would decide how your social environment and their influence would impact you for the good or the bad or for the better or the worst in the future. There is a very sage maxim pertinent to this- You become the average of five people you associate the most with.

The way you augment your knowledge and understanding of the world with every passing day by learning new skills, acquiring new traits and earning sundry new experiences would shape up your understanding of the world and yourself that would craft your opinions, perspectives and beliefs for future.

What you are is something unimportant as that has been crafted out of the events of the past that are gone. What you do now is the most important thing that needs your focus, energy, time and every disposable resource at hand. It is a journey that would define what you would be in the future for better or the worst.

So, leave what’s gone and make the “Moment of Now” count.



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