“Who can be the next Defense Minister of India since Mr Manohar Parrikar has resigned?”

That is a question that many Indians have been tinkering upon. Many have already got some favourites. Many are confused. And, then there may also be some who may not really care much with Prime Minister Modi being at the helm.

I am of the sect which has a favourite in his head. And, this post is written under the commentary/opinion domain with the intent of sharing my perspective on the situation at the present.

Some of my readers have been habitual to my writings in the domain of Life and Psychology of life. For all of those benign readers, I have the following message-

I am a man of varied interests and Indian politics and economics are also a part of my interests. So, I write to share my views on those subjects just the way I do about the subjects of Life and Psychology of life as aforementioned.

With all of that said, I would like to proceed with the commentary.

So, Let’s go!

A Defence minister’s portfolio demands several attributes for a person to be worthy of holding the chair of authority.

Dependable and resilient

One has to be dependable and resilient so that they can stick to hard and tough positions and decisions when every other major politician may abstain from buttressing you. In a word, he/she must be a person of integrity who keeps his words. This generates confidence in the armed men at the border, waters and the skies that they can rely on the authority which is taking decisions for them.

Bold and brave

Then, they have to be bold and brave enough to speak the hard language when the time and situation demands. If the forces from across the border are going to murder or mow down the heads of our men, he should be brave enough to use tough words to condemn and impugn, and go hard on moves to ensure that the aggressor may think twice before going ahead with such a folly again.

Excellent and tough negotiator

Also, he should be a man who should be an excellent and tough negotiator. There arise several instances when Defence Minister has to negotiate peace treaties, agreements and what not to ensure peace and mutual development of the either parties involved. Sometimes the situations may turn intense and the pressures may rise off the roof. But, in no situation, one should go effusive and end up taking decisions that may harm the national interests.

There can be much more such prerequisite traits that one must possess and exercise to do justice to the chair of the executive chief of national security forces of all sorts. And in my view, Mr Parrikar was more or less successful in doing that justice. But, now that he has resigned, who else is capable of handling the Defence Ministry which happens to be one of the most vital portfolios in the Government?

Mr Arun Jaitley? I don’t think he is too dependable. He changes his stances too frequently and is a master at fooling the people with ill-framed policies crafted into beautiful words.

Mr Nitin Gadkari? A powerful man known for his integrity and dependability when it comes to his job for the nation. But, he is already overburdened with a very crucial ministry and must not be moved as the incumbent Government has no one comparable and as experienced in the domain to carry out the jobs of Ministry of Roads, Highways and Shipping.

Another such person is Mrs Sushma Swaraj and Mr M. J. Akbar. But the Foreign Affairs Ministry have got them both entangled into its jobs and interests and its only because of their dedicated job that the Ministry has been able to keep up with the powerful demands of the PM Modi who has himself been deeply involved in the functioning of the Ministry. The same goes with General V. K. Singh whose integrity too has been questioned by some of the personnel from the armed forces.

And, I can go on and on and on with several such men and women, but either they are already busy with other important ministries, or they are not very capable of holding a position of such authority as in the case of the Defence Ministry. But, then there is one man who comes to my mind who is currently free of any portfolio, and also very much possesses the sundry prerequisites I aforementioned.

The personality I am referring to is Dr Subramanian Swamy. Though I would prefer him holding the Finance portfolio given Mr Arun Jaitley is removed from the portfolio, but given the incumbent circumstances, that does not seem to be happening in any near time. So, Dr Swamy holding the Defence Portfolio is the next best thing in my perspective.

A man of integrity and someone who is dependable. Highly lettered and noted economist, self-made top-notch lawyer, famous for being an anti-corruption crusader. Maybe he is too fatuous and pugnacious at times, but he definitely a decisive man who is a nationalist. At times he may seem a bit radical to many eyes, but in my view, he is a powerful negotiator for whom nation comes first. And, that is all what matters to me as far as doing justice to the role of a Defence Minister is concerned.

I hope to see that happen if any kind of a Cabinet reshuffle happens in the near future. But, until that happens, I hope the Mr Modi himself closely handles the portfolio closely with Mr. Jaitley. Wishing for the goodness in India’s future prospects only increments.


An aware citizen

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