And again I was asked to answer a question on my favourite repository of knowledge, Quora- How can a college student help society in a useful way? I thought of several things that I have done in these six semesters of college life which directly or indirectly impacted the society for the good or the bad.

For instance, I joined my college’s social welfare club- Rotaract Club of Youth where I organized blood donation camps, cloth donation drives, a tree plantation and much more. I also got into visiting a nearby orphanage christened- Shantiniketan. There I would connect with over 50 angelic souls, love them and earn their love and so-so many hugs.

But, being a part of that club was one of the things that I did to participate in betterment of my society. Though I left the club back in November 2016 owing to other commitments, but my innate desire to keep contributing to social welfare and betterment never effaced even a tad bit.

In this post, I am going to delineate five ways I continue to do my bit to contribute to my society’s better interests. None of these take away a significant chunk of time or resources and that’s the best part about them. Also, I would like to make it clear that some of those impact the society directly while some have an indirect impact.

I hope the reader gains some valuable insights from the points elucidated below. So, let’s explore!

Number #1

Get yourself registered as a Blood donor. Most probably you are 18 or above now that you have joined College. So, if you are a healthy person then donate blood on a regular basis.

I had registered myself back on 15th August 2016, and ever since have donated my blood at a camp twice. That sure did make me happy. But, then quite recently I got a call (Feb 13th 2017) that a cancer patient is in urgent need of blood as her platelet count had virulently depleted below the count of 20,000! That’s perilous and dangerous.


The next day I donated my platelets and probably added a few more days to someone’s life if not saved it. I know the feeling I was blessed with. Being a fit and 22-year-old young man, I discovered various facets of life that day while also adding some value and bliss to this society. And, it is with that deed on my name, I request others of the same capacity to become regular blood donors.

You won’t just be saving a life. You will be saving a family.

Number #2

Now that you are in College, you would be learning a plethora of new things. Some of these things would be of the sort that not many are aware of, but should know about. Make sure you share that nugget of knowledge with at least one other person.

Every time I read or learn something great, I share it with someone. Recently, while reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book- Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I learned how rich are said to be taxed a much higher proportion of their income while actually they don’t really pay that in percentage as they guard their hard earned money by forming corporations. How they do it? That’s for another post to explain.

There were a lot more trivial nitty-gritties but the deal is that, as soon as I learned that, I rang up Maa and discussed the same thing with her. Result was that I added up some value to someone’s life. In this case it was my Maa at the benefiting end.

Similarly, I write about things I learn and I share those on Quora and my website. I talk to my friends about the latest news updates which are shaking the world and especially are germane to my own nation’s interests.

When I learn of some welfare scheme for the poor by the Government, I apprise my hostel’s security guard or the auto rickshaw drivers about it with a small talk. Similarly, I talk to people grousing of Government’s inactions about how they can directly reach the highest rungs with Government run grievance portal like PG Portal in case of the Indian Government.

That is how I add value to my society around me by disseminating what I know and can be of significant importance to someone else as well. So, make sure you do it too. When you learn something, make sure that you enlighten someone else with that thought or piece of knowledge as well.

Knowledge is the greatest treasure you can shower upon the world. So, open the gates of your acquired treasure to the society and let it glisten and enlighten in the light of your ken.

Number #3

Some of the people I regularly associate with have a contagious malady. They grouse a lot about what a particular authority, organization or the Government is not doing right or needs to do better. I detest this incessant grousing and superfluous discussion which ends up with naught worth of value generated.

Every system, organization or Government are imperfect. There are no qualms about any of that. If you are aware of that problem, that’s even better. However, what you do next is what matters. If you are going to just complain or cry about it, you are doing nothing to make things better, rather are only making other around more disgruntled. Now that you know about it, do something about it.

Here is one way- As soon as you become cognizant of any problem, try to think of a solution or maybe more than one solutions which would be even great. And, then send that to the concerned system authority, organization or the Government preferably via digital routes like e-mails or dedicated complaint portals.

That way, the probability of the particular problem being brought to attention of the concerned persons, and the issue being mitigated or effaced will be much higher and realistic as it would be registered under the public domain. That way you will be alleviating the society of something that was a barrier to its utopian realization.

Ergo, stop complaining, because complaining is draining. And, most importantly, nothing good ever comes out of crying over something, while even a teeny-tiny attempt towards solving the issue can do wonders for the society as a whole. So, initiate some sort of action for the change you want to see in the world around you.

That’s something worth a praise.

Number #4

Push people into talking about the things that actually impact the society and the world around us, rather than trifling but hot topics like- “Why did Simran and Haider break up?”

Gossip is never going to augment value to anyone’s life, but talking about the various facets of first of its kind, Demonetization of high value currency notes by the Indian Government and its pros and cons can add a lot to one’s knowledge about what makes this world shake and move and how it impacts them and therefore the society as a whole.

I have been there. I remember, my cohort and I spent hours talking about that used condom we found near a tree while roaming around my college campus. We speculated every possible couple in our College who would have used that condom in an open place. We laughed and chuckled a lot.

Now when I think of it, not just we belittled so many couples and their love, but I also denigrated some moral part of me. Also, I frittered off a chunk of my precious time, energy and intelligence on something that would in no manner help me turn this community into a better version of itself. But, that was not all. I also rid my friends of the same volumes of time, energy and intelligence.

Not only did I denigrate my own prospects, I devoid the community around me- My friends- of the greatness they could have achieved. Gossiping is a trap that we have all been acting oblivious to all of our lives and as a result we always end up harming ourselves and our society but fail to acknowledge it mostly.

So make it the boldest tenet of your life- No gossips from now on. I made that promise months back, and I can corroborate, life is much better when I use that time, intelligence and energy to better myself as a person. May be it won’t be that easy in the beginning. It wasn’t for me either.

But, what’s worth the sweetness that is easily achieved. So, just try a little to achieve the aim of no or minimal gossip and you will yourself develop a knack for it. And, it will no more be a problem anymore. Bliss!

Number #5

Every time I use the help of my college’s carpenter to fix something in my room, I always thank him and offer him water. Similarly, I offer water or sometimes sherbet (In summers) to the postman alike who now knows me well. I also ask him to sit in my room for a few minutes as he is usually working under the searing sun.

Most of the times I walk past any of the security guards in my college, I greet them and ask them- “Kaise hain uncle ji?” (Translation- How are you Uncle?) This always lights up their faces as only a few of almost a thousand students of my college take time to care for them or thank them for their services.

Yes, they are all paid for their help, but a small token of gratitude can earn them smiles that no money can. Ergo, I make sure I give them all a light moment to cherish in the midst of their busy work schedule with minimal efforts on my part. This powers them up with a smile, some bliss and maybe a small amount of happiness. In return, I too earn several reasons to smile and a lot of blessings.

These people and several others like them play a very important role in my society. In fact, they too are a part of this society of mine. Thus, adding happiness to their lives in brisk doses is my way to reinvigorate them with energy and vivacity.

This I believe would also motivate them to work with greater dedication and passion. That is so because they would know that people like me really value their contributions to our lives which would have been an arduous course without them and their hard work.

Ergo, I reiterate, be grateful to one and all! After all, kindness is the least rent, we must pay for the space we occupy on this planet and the resources we consume.

Think about it!

I hope the aforementioned texts and the thoughts entailed in them add to the reader’s life and perspective. If the reader didn’t gain anything much, I hope I can offer them something more insightful and erudite in my future posts. Also, if the reader has any better suggestions, please do share below in the comments section. I would be grateful.



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