In the previous two posts, I talked about two highly celebrated names, though both of them belonged to absolutely disparate domains. In my first post, I talked about Dr Kalam– The former Indian President who taught me how everything I knew about “teamwork and synergy” was wrong. He re-wrote the corrected notion into my head in such a profound manner that I would never forget the lesson.

Then, in my second post for this series I talked about Hal Elrod, the guy who returned from death only to show life that he is limitless. In that post, I shared with my readers how Hal’s powerful journey of life and success made me decode the very crucial lesson of life, How to find the strength to never give up?

And, I hope the previous two posts about those aforementioned fabled names added some value to the reader’s perspective. However, the man who I am going to talk about today is someone from a different league. In fact, he is a failure who won the game of life. Confused? Don’t be, I’ll clear it all out in upcoming paragraphs.

His theory of life changed my outlook forever. But, before I get into the theory and talk about what I learnt, I guess I should talk about his failures and greatness first.

So, here we go!

The name of this hideous looking man with shambolic hair (See the Cover Photo), is James Altucher. He has a career graph full of spikes, where he made gargantuan sums of money, and then lost it all away. He was great at making money but was even better when it came to squandering it all away. He was a perfect dichotomy in himself.

In this pursuit of earning and then blowing it away, James created seventeen businesses that ended with a miserable fate. And, of course, when your life is full of such tremors, you have got to have troubles in personal life as well. The ramifications of all those blows to his professional life were bound to extrapolate the damage to his personal life as well.

So, the poor man destroyed two marriages. From his first marriage, he had two beautiful girls. There was a time when he had $ 50 Million in his bank account. And, then in not so distant future, his bank account had shrunk to $ 46! That day James thought maybe he should die. That way his children will at least have $ 4 Million insurance support. Otherwise, how would he take care of them?

Thankfully, he came out of the grim thought. It was time now that James had to reinvent his life.

Inflation was soaring, and his financial health was in a grotesque shape. He had to find a way out as the expenses were hitting the roof. Things could not have gone this way for any longer. So, finally, James decided to look back and analyze- Why does he always earn a lot of money, but then can’t sustain it? Why does he end up blowing it all away into nothing?

And, this period of ruminating over and analyzing his past revealed what not just changed his life, but also went on to change the lives of several others like mine. James observed that he had three goals in his life. These were to be happy, to eradicate unhappiness from his life, and to have a smooth and hassle-free daily life.

And, every time he would achieve those goals and then obliterate it all, there was a common thread. There were only four aspects involved in all of those ups and downs. These were the Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional aspects. Once James realized this, he had decoded the nectar of Megaliving.

I am going to elucidate more on these four aspects below. But, before I do that, I would first articulate the wonders that these bore for James. After James began to work on improving each of the four aspects governing his prospects, his life got on a roller coaster ride with unprecedented thrill, excitement and greatness at every single turn.

After writing four unpublished novels, James became a best seller author with over eighteen books to his name. From being a walking epitome of disappointments, he went on to create three successful businesses and now advises and sits on the boards of over 30 companies worth several Million Dollars each.

And, not just that. He runs a successful and popular podcast, “The James Altucher show” which has over 10 Million downloads on iTunes. He also runs a fabled blog christened, “The Altucher Confidential.” The man today is a successful speaker and imbues people with his story about how we went from being trash to being the happiest he had ever been.

And, there is so much more about this great man. He has even got over 55.4 Million answer views on Quora! Oh, I simply can’t keep the tally anymore. Just Google him if you wish to know more. I would like to come to the point where I share how he made it happen. Remember the four aspects I just mentioned above just a few paragraphs ago?

It’s time to understand how he thrived in them to achieve so much in his life.

The Physical Aspect-

It’s all about being in shape and doing some form of exercise every single day. Oh no! I’m not talking about hitting the gym and burning iron. What I mean by exercising is like something that can ensure you sweat for about ten to twenty minutes a day. That would have great impact on your body and your mind.

Firstly, your body. The muscles will be stretched, active and in a great shape to endure tough situations. You will be more proactive and lesser indolent than you ever were. Further, it would help you burn those extra calories or fats which would only do harm to your body in the long run.

Now coming to impact it would have on your mind and it’s processing. Think of it this way. Your brain is just two percent of our body mass while it burns about 25 percent of our calories every day! And, to burn those calories it needs a whole lot of oxygen. And, how does the oxygen reaches the brain? Blood! And, that’s the key.

When we exercise, we take in more oxygen, and our blood pressure increases. Ergo, more oxygenated blood is produced which is available for the brain to utilize. And, this would only lead to better thinking abilities, agility and lesser tiring of the body. Our body has very less propensity to get tired unless the brain itself gets exhausted and needs rest and more calories to burn.

I guess that’s enough to explain the importance of the Physical aspect in one’s life to inch closer to success, contentment and happiness. So, moving on to the Spiritual Aspect.

The Spiritual Aspect-

I feel a lot of people mistaken the word spiritual to be germane to worshipping or praying to the Gods. They could not be more wrong about this notion. Being spiritual is all about being peaceful, honest, and devoting yourself to the purpose of spreading joys and smiles which may include praying.

So meditate. You don’t have to chant Om or sit in a cross-legged position to do that. That is just one way. Neither do you have to stay in those positions for long durations. If you can do that, that’s great. But, if not, maybe go for a five-minute meditation to calm down your body. There are various techniques you can find over the internet.

I personally sit on my chair or my bed straight, then I take in deep breaths and try to observe the flow of the air into my lungs and my stomach. I observe my lungs and stomach expand and contract. And, then I observe the air being exhaled out of my oesophagus and then my nasal cavity. It’s a blissful experience. I can feel positive vibes gushing through me as my brain resets to a calm setting.

Then apart from meditation, being spiritual is also about being grateful. Being grateful for the lovely parents you got who buttress you in you in all your needs and decisions. Being grateful for you got to meet that special someone. Being grateful for you finally got the funding to launch your entrepreneurial venture. Being grateful for everything good in your life!

Thank someone. If you like this post, thank me. That would make me feel gratified, and I would thank you for having invested time into reading and embracing my post. Thank your parents for they brought you up so perfectly despite all the ups and downs and financial turmoil they had to deal with.

Thank your teachers or professors who inculcated that mindset of thinking big into you. In fact, thank the security guard, the carpenter, the plumber or the electrician who comes to your rescue every now and then.

Be eager to help. The pregnant lady needs help to pick up her bag? Rush! A couple on a bike crashed on the road? Immediately call the ambulance and help them get the first aid ASAP! The bus conductor is sweating in the hustling crowd on the bus? Offer him some water out of your bottle. I hope you got my point. And, the most important thing-

Forgive others. It’s better to throw out the hatred or grudges. Else, they would rust the iron in you. That won’t benefit you at all, but would definitely vitiate your prospects. So, someone abused you? Let it go. The poor waiter dropped the tea over you? Let it go. Your animosity towards him could cost him his job which feeds his poor family.

If someone told me I am a pathetic writer with disgraceful thoughts? I promise I would forgive them and then let it go. And, that’s all about the aspect of being Spiritual- To make this world a better place.

The Mental Aspect-

What would happen had you stopped walking for a fortnight? Your limbs would atrophy and you would need to take physiotherapy sessions to get back on your legs and walk and run. I can corroborate this with my own personal experience from 2012, so I am throwing no hyperboles. If you don’t work out your muscles, they atrophy really fast.

The same is the case of the Idea Muscle as well. Well, your brain needs to exercise and work out. It has to be in practice of thinking out of the box to gestate ideas for you that would bring you success like no other. So, get into the habit of writing down ten ideas a day. And, within a few weeks, you will see the wonder. The expansion in your idea muscle’s thinking horizons and thoughts would simply blow you away.

Some of your ideas will suck. Some will be pathetic. In fact, most of those will eventually turn out to be of that kind. But, a handful of those will be masterful that could transform your life, relationships, health and what not! In a year you will have 3650 ideas at your hand.

Without even knowing your IQ or education, I can guarantee that at least one of those ideas would have the potential to turn you into a multi-millionaire as well. But, it does not matter if I guarantee anything on you. What counts is if you trust yourself and are going to give yourself a shot at being a multi-millionaire by writing down ten ideas a day.

Here are some topics for starters-

  1. Ten mobile application ideas that you wish existed.
  2. Ten ways the online education and MOOCS could be better.
  3. Ten solutions to solve the burgeoning poverty in your neighbouring slum.
  4. Ten things you took away from this post which you wish to inculcate in your own life.

I hope the reader is now ready for the last aspect.

The Emotional Aspect-

The emotional aspect is all about choosing yourself above everything else on this planet. I don’t mean being selfish. You have to ensure that you do things that make you happy, and that is all I mean to purvey. It’s all about making sure that if there is anything in your reach what can sap you of your peace and plunder your happiness, cut it off immediately!

Be it a friend, a toxic relationship, an ugly job or whatever! Be honest with yourself and get rid of each one of them as soon as possible. Else, they would only augment the misery in your life and pilfer your peace.

What if a person I consider close, dear friend says things to me that are painful, not with the intent to orient me but to hurt me? If in the name of our relationship I pretend this did not take place and it all happens again, I intentionally put myself in the harm’s way. This is where I need to recognize that this particular relationship is toxic and purge it of me.

No one else is going to make decisions for your life and the people and things you surround yourself with. And, every time you are going to avoid taking these tough decisions, you will be inviting more misery into our life which is never a good thing. And, I would go as far as to say that this is the most important aspect of all four. Here is why!

How many times does it happen that someone you care for takes you for granted and you end up sobbing and feeling forlorn? All of that time is wasted over a person that does not matter. And, in fact, that time could have been well utilized learning something new or doing something that generates value for you. And, if you are not going to cut off such a person, they will do it again! And, the vicious cycle would go on.

So, be the guard of your temple and maintain its peace!

These four principles to better living by James Altucher changed my life. I am much better on each of the four fronts. I have not fallen ill even once in the past year. I have never felt weak or the need to see a doctor. My relationships with the people of importance have flourished like never before. And, I have grown stronger in terms of physical strength and controlling my rage. As a bonus, I am more polite, gratified and humbled than I ever was.

Furthermore, I have taken various upward strides in terms of the career prospects as in the case of James where he too flourished like never before. I am writing much better than I ever was, I have bolstered my vocabulary in the English language by over 400 new words in the past seven months alone and recently I went professional with my website launch.

The past year living by the tenets charted out by James I have witnessed the most incredible experience that I never thought I was capable of realizing. And, it is this contribution of James into my life that I feel gratified to him for. Ergo, I thank him for every bit of greatness he has infused into my life.



Updated on 28th Feb 2017: Part 4/4 of MRS released! : The Man Who Even Won His Enemy’s Heart!

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  1. Very beautifully explained all the four aspects. Life is simple as long as we are Honest and Truthful to ourselves, i.e., we must speak (*) what me mean and we must do what we say.

    (*By Speaking I don’t mean while joking or in anger where sometimes words do not mean what we say)

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  2. You really make it seem really easy together with your presentation however I to find this matter to be really one thing which I think I’d never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely wide for me. I’m having a look ahead for your next submit, I will try to get the grasp of it!


  3. I do consider all the concepts you have offered on your post. They’re really convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too short for beginners. May just you please extend them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

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