My previous MRS- “The Unrequited Love Story of a Father & a Son” received a thunderous response. It was the kind of love that I never thought my writing could get me.

Some of the special souls called me and expressed how proud they felt to read my creations. A few others messaged to show me how cherished they felt after reading my writings about my beloved Papa.

Oh! I just wish to profess this to each and every one who invested their time to read my creations and even appreciate my deft to verbalizing my thoughts. I am humbled and indebted for the love you all introduced me to.

However, now that I have tasted this amazing form of love, I am hungry for more of it. I need more of that love. I need more of those blessings. In fact, I wish that this love would never cease to flow into my life.

And, it is this motivation derived from that yearning of your love that I am coming up with another MRS (Mini Reading Series) – “The Four Who Changed My Theories of Life.”

As the title suggests, it’s again going to be a four part series each one dedicated to one of those great men who changed my notion of the very basic and trivial principles which I thought govern the life and world around me.

I am super thrilled and elated to share with everyone that the first part of this fresh new MRS will be launching tomorrow. I hope my dearest readers will embrace every bit of the reading experience much more than they did with the previous MRS.



Updated on 24th Feb 2017: Part 1/4 of MRS released! :The Man Who Ensured He Would Never Die.

Updated on 25th Feb 2017: Part 2/4 of MRS released! : The Man Who Was Dead For Six Minutes!

Updated on 26th Feb 2017: Part 3/4 of MRS released! : The Man Who Went From $50 Million Dollars to $46!

Updated on 28th Feb 2017: Part 4/4 of MRS released! : The Man Who Even Won His Enemy’s Heart!

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