About two weeks back I had participated in a debate competition at my College by the student’s forum AASF where I stood second. In the final round I was given the topic, “Is Feminism Turning into Superiority of a Sex Over Another?” I had to favour the notion.

Once I was done, my college mate, Haritha Nair raised a few erudite arguments. Unfortunately owing to the paucity of time I could not articulate my views well out there. And, ever since the topic has been doing rounds in my head. Finally, I am going to let my views about the issue flow through my words to the screen ahead of my eyes.

I would like to talk about a few instances before reaching to the moot subject. There is a lot of bad things happening around that no one likes to overtly talk about. So, here I go!

Every time my professors award the girls with better scores in assignments and examinations, and the girls rejoice, here is what happens. The respect that I have gestated in my head for the opposite sex over several years takes a plunge.

What wrong did I do to have gotten lesser marks or grades? Is having a curve on the waist and breasts on the pectorals the new metrics to judge who should get a better grade? No professor would agree to that, whilst in the case of a few, this seems to be the case.

Furthermore, if a professor has awarded a girl two extra marks for he had her gender in his head, how that can be a thing for a girl to rejoice or create a brouhaha around? That is where those few girls simply lose all the respect I had in my head for them.

At times when I am travelling in a bus and a girl touches me in some wrong place or in a wrong manner, I feel violated. Yes! we guys too feel that way. Not every girl does that. Neither do most of the boys have to suffer such a grotesque activity. But, a lot of those females out there do so and a lot of us males have been the victims too.

And, they do it with confidence and without any fear in their eyes. Why? Because they have the leverage of gender to pull over the males that has been bestowed upon them by this rotting society! Here is what happens when I witness or experience such a pallid scene. I curse my society for I can’t even make noise or retaliate like the other gender.

This molestation of a male may not be an as frequent reality as in the case of females. But, it is still a reality that is as horrid and grim as the molestation of a female in every sense of it.

Whenever I am too tired or maybe ill while seated into a bus or a metro and a girl asks me to vacant the seat despite my conspicuous bad condition, here is what happens. I see humanity dying in front of me every single time for the other sex has grown just too inconsiderate of the other person’s pain or dire need of the seat.

Notwithstanding the amaranthine leverage the females have, doesn’t their mind ever tell them that the other person who is way more tired or maybe even ill deserves that seat way more than her?

In case it does not, maybe the human in them is dead already. Those are tough words. And, I apologize the reader if they took umbrage. But, when I write, I mean to express the truth flowing through every vein in my body. Moving onto another instance.

When I visit the bank and witness a girl cut through the queue to get her job done before the rightful males stranded in the long queues for hours, here is what happens. Not just I get late for my job, education or other things that need my urgent attention.

But, also at times, I question myself if I should ever offer help to any of those women or girls if I ever see them in need again. And, I have my justified reasons to have such thoughts.

We males too eat the same food. We too have projects, jobs or urgent works that need our attention. We are not some indolent douche bags who have no other valuable thing to do in this world.

And, every time you make that amoral cut in the queue to deprive us of our legitimate turn to get a job done, you are only selling the infamous maxim of feminism turning into the superiority of one sex over another.

Moving on, every time a girl draws amoral conjectures over my character or intentions without any ken of me or my life, here is what happens. I see the humanity losing trust in itself. How can someone say that I have bad intentions about a girl if I am following her ever since getting off the bus? Maybe I was just trying to return the Rs. 100 note that fell off her purse while getting off.

Similarly, when it happens that man proposes a girl and is rejected, he may end up fine anyway. But, when he finds out that she had been building up canards, jokes and gossips around his emotions of likeliness for a girl way beyond his league, here is what happens then.

The compassion or trust in my heart for the other gender suffers a big blow. And, this is something that takes a really long time to gestate again.

Now to profess my wish to all the girls reading this answer-

We guys are just as much of humans as the girls. We too have self-respect and dignity. And, maybe some pigs have tarnished that image of us boys, but the rest of us take our respect and dignity to be a prideful possession, a priceless asset.

So, when someone plunders our pride, respect or dignity, it hurts us just as much as it does in your case. In fact, at times we guys end up more miserable than the females around us.

Why? Because we can’t even complain. Our society has been built up in the frame that reads out loud-

“Females are the victims and males are the offenders.”

So, we silently suffer and try to act brave. But, from within we break every single time when our emotions and dignity are botched up by the crushing leverage bestowed upon the females by the society.

I am a guy and I am just as much alive with emotions, feelings and value. And, I wish that the girls would have been considerate of my space and dignity in today’s world just as much I am about theirs. And, I wish the girls knew of my wish.

Everything I just typed above is a harsh truth. But, maybe too harsh for our society to overtly digest as of yet. However, given the above scenarios, I wonder if maybe twenty or forty years from now, there would be another movement of “Maninism” catching steam!

Time to think where is our society headed!



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