Just recently I was exploring my feed on Quora when a beautiful question popped up. I was asked to answer the question, “How should one deal with the hate comments on Quora?” I thought I am the perfect person to answer this question as I get so many of those all the time. Maybe not hate comments. But, my kitty is teeming with derogatory comments about my written works.

And, though I answered that answer in a different manner, here is a post I just wrote over it describing a recent incident of the similar sort.

I am a big admirer of the Indian Prime Minister Modi and his intent. But, I am not a blind acolyte who would bow down his head and offer support everything he says. I have a head with a lot of grey matter in it. And, this grey matter has immense power of observing things, ruminating over them, applying rationale and judging what’s correct in my conscience and what’s not.

In the recently culminated Budget Session of Indian Parliament, incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 9th of February 2017 took a jibe on the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. PM Modi said-“He (Manmohan) had perfected the art of bathing under a shower with a raincoat on and so there was no blot on him despite all the scams that occurred during his tenure.”

The very next day, I wrote a post condemning PM Modi’s raincoat remark on the former Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh. I strongly impugned the derogatory remark and marked it as something way below the stature of a Prime Minister of such a variegated and glorious nation.

More on that could be found here in my post: And, the Dogs finally intimidated the Elephant.

I was well aware that this post would invite a lot of criticism and probably hate comments. After all, there is no denying the fact- There is a very large faction of people which blindly buttresses PM Modi. And, they have genuine reasons to be so imbued by him. But, choosing a man over one’s rationale and logical reasoning is kind of eccentric in my view.

And, just what I had envisioned happened within minutes of me posting the article on my website. One of the readers of the post turned livid and chastised me with all sorts of things. He raised a number of points that I had already answered in my post. Those were all obvious and thus I had already mentioned my view on them in the post itself.

So, I replied to the reader to please read the post again as the points raised are already tacit in the post itself. I know that I have limited time and energy to fritter off justifying the same thing over and over again. Thus, I believed that asking the reader to re-read the post and not raise redundant questions was the rightful measure.

In the reply to that, the counterpart took umbrage. And, now the things got pretty ugly. He extrapolated the matter to an absolutely unrelated notion and went on to say that, “I doubt Facebook is the correct platform for the writer.”

Screenshot (125) - Copy_LI.jpg

This was impolite and irrational. Also, it was the alarm that this person is not worth of me. It was the indication that I need not be squandering off my energy over a person so intolerant and disapproving of other person’s views. This person did not deserve a piece of me and I was not going to let him sap me of my peace any farther.

I have got the innate propensity to myself invite my readers to criticize my works and proffer constructive criticism, but talking shit like a hoodlum is not to be tolerated by me. So, without wasting a single more second debating with this shallow soul over how he could say such a thing about me, I simply reported his comment and then banned him from my page.

This way, I got rid of his ugly comment and thoughts, while he got rid of the writer who he did not want to see on Facebook anymore. We both won.

And, this one was just one of the instances when I had to deal with such ugly comments or views. Every other day my Quora answers and posts on my website receive a number of such comments. And, each time I resort to the same peaceful practice. I do not reply to the comment no matter what they say.

I simply report them and get rid of the grotesque thoughts anyway.

Everything that belongs to me is a part of my sanctum of life. And, my sanctum needs to be immaculate and clear of all the dirt. And, who is going to keep it that way if not me? The onus is on me to ensure that I do not end up being a part of the dirt and vitiate my sanctum.

I have to make sure that only goodness and the people carrying that trait can enter this temple of mine. And, if I stoop to being fractious and begin commenting with a bellicose attitude, won’t I end up losing my peace and calm?

Furthermore, why should I do anything more than that at all? That was a derogatory comment coming from a person who is seated in front of a computer or mobile phone screen reading stuff that people have written in accordance with their own opinions and perspectives. If the person does not agree with my perspective, I welcome them to share their views in a humble manner like a lettered person would.

But, the person wants to exercise his prerogative to take umbrage rather than respecting other person’s thoughts and appending some valuable suggestions. Sure, I would let them do that, though I won’t reply. But then. The person also wishes to show me that I am ugly, have a grotesque mindset and am a blemish on the name of this community.

That is crossing the line of dignity.

Oh! And the concerned person gestated such prejudices about me on the basis of what? Just a post that I wrote? And, what does this make them? How can one gestate so many conjectures over a person and his ideologies without even knowing them well!

Ergo, this is what I infer from those comments- The commentator is unwanted in my life and doesn’t know my worth. And, no matter how much I try to make him aware of my worth, he won’t change his views. After all, no one can change nobody unless one wants to change oneself. So, I tell myself, “It’s time to get rid of this person.”

And that is the crust of whatever I have tried to explain here in this post with the help of a recent example. I hope this adds to the reader’s perspective. To close this post I would like to borrow a quote from one of my favourite writers. James Altucher quoted in his book Choose Yourself-

When you get in the mud with a pig, you get dirty and the pig gets happy.

Think about that!



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2 thoughts on “Ever Troubled By Ugly Or Hate Comments? Here Is The Solution.

  1. This is very sad Jayant Brother ::-(
    I should have reported, but I decided to correct him, because I am very good at reasoning (not blowing my own trumpet , but its true) , no use, I became the muddy pig “O.O”
    Also because I have learnt to “Forgive and Forget” (book written by Lewis B.) and “Understanding and Overcoming Anger ( by Warren W. Wiersbe).
    But I sincerely endorse your words NOW. (–>_–>)*”

    Liked by 1 person

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