There was this man who used to love me like his most precious gem. I was his priority, the reason why he toiled so hard. He would sleep less and eat less. But he would never love me any lesser. He did everything in his capacity to keep that curve on my face intact. The curve called a smile.

The man was my father.

I disappointed him umpteen number of times. I failed him on almost all his expectations and dreams. I was the reason for most of his tears. But my tenacious father never complained. His faith in me remained unfazed. Ergo, despite all the darkness that I was purveying him in return for the joys he was providing me with, he kept smiling. His love and care towards me never witnessed a plunge.

However, I made a big blunder. I always failed to recognize his love and took it as something ordinary. I never paid back him with the immense bundles of love that he had bestowed on to me. For some strange reason, I had grown so oblivious to his presence that I had begun to take him and all his sacrifices for granted. He deserved much more from his only son. But, he never complained. He still kept smiling.

One day suddenly, hell broke on me and my mother. This 19-year-old lad had lost his father.

Fast forward today, I have realized what I took to be ordinary was the most special thing in my life. I have realized, that the man whose presence I had become oblivious to was the star which was lighting up my life. When I lost his love, I realized I had lost the greatest gem of mine.

Earlier his presence did not make any significant difference in me. But, today I yearn for him to even visit my dreams once in a while. Earlier, the man loved me and took care of me like the most important asset of his life. Like I was his legacy. But, he never got back the same in return.

Today, I have become cognizant of his presence and love him like the most important part of me. Not my life but me. Today, I love him and crave for his presence. I want him to come back and wave his hands over my head again. I want him to hug me hard and cuddle with me on the bed. I want to live back all of those moments and give him back the love that he deserved. But, I’m too late.

This is the unrequited love story of a father and a son. Me and my father. And, that is the saddest thing about me.

They say, “Better late than never.” Well, sometimes, “Late is simply too late.”

And, it this love for my father, with which I am going to launch my first- Mini Reading Series (MRS).

Mini Reading Series?

What do I mean by a Mini Reading Series or MRS? It’s going to be a series of posts which would overall revolve around the same theme with each one chronologically continuing from where the previous post ended.

This first Mini Series that I am launching with this post is my way to profess my love to my father, “Your love didn’t go in vain. Your stupid son just noticed it somewhat late. And, I am sorry for this grave folly of mine. I love you!”

“The unrequited love story of a father and a son.”

That’s the title of my first MRS and it’s coming soon! I hope the readers will embrace every bit of experience they get to witness through my words. Wishing everyone an enriching and progressive day ahead. Bliss!



Updated on 15th Feb 2017: Part 1/4 of MRS released! : The Pursuit of Success.

Updated on 16th Feb 2017: Part 2/4 of MRS released! : The Dream That Died Young.

Updated on 17th Feb 2017: Part 3/4 of MRS released! : I Made My Greatest Mistake Ever.

Updated on 18th Feb 2017: Part 4/4 of MRS released! : He Defied Death & Came Back To His Son!

3 thoughts on “First Mini Reading Series (MRS) Launch!

  1. U r fabulous, pride for ur parents and your family too.
    Each letter of your words directly touches the reader’s soul. All I can see a very very bright future of Jayant Niranjan Mundra .
    I want to write ,I want to praise I want to talk to you ,May be not today.
    I don’t know I m not a reader but Jayant your writting compell me to read.
    God bless you always with great sucess and love.

    Liked by 1 person

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