Does a tit for a tat ever solve a problem? It never does. It only exacerbates the status quo.

Post reading the answers and opinions of various others on Quora, here is what I gleaned from the people who are justifying PM Modi’s actions.

When Man Mohan Singh was at the helm of this nation’s greatest authority, he destroyed the great opportunity at his hands. He acted as a puppet, and was exploited my several malevolent ministers and power holders. Maybe he was corrupt, maybe he was not. But, he had his chance to make a golden mark that would make his name unforgettable in the history of the modern India.

But nonetheless, Mr. Singh blew it.

Now that someone else is making an attempt on his term, the former Prime Minister must have refrained from resorting uncivilized remarks against the incumbent Prime Minister by attaching adjectives like “Loot and Plunder” to his biggest reform. Had he proffered some suggestions, improvements or solutions, those would have been most welcome.

After all he is a well-educated and erudite man with years of experience. There is no denying to any of that. But, since he stooped to his nadir and crossed the line of dignity, he deserved every bit of the “Raincoat” remark.

I agree to every bit of what the justifications say but not to the justification itself. No doubt, former Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh had jumped his dignity when he coined the terms like “Loot & Plunder” to impugn demonetization move by PM Modi and his team. But, does the raincoat remark in anyway paints a better picture? Not even a tad bit.

In fact, such a remark by our incumbent Prime Minister is only going to vitiate the extant political situation. It was because of the sheer cracks and discord between the opposition and the Union Government, that the Winter Session was trashed. And, it was clear example of how important political harmony and balance is in a democracy. And, this importance grows multi-fold when we talk of a democracy as complex as India.

And, given the situation that our Government has been stuck into ever since its election to the power, this comment only paints a grim image. Every major bill that the Government wished to pass, had to move through an arduous course. And, only a handful of those like the fabled GST were able to survive the course and become laws.

And, the much needed Land laws, Labour laws- all had to bear the brunt of such a convoluted political scenario. And, since the “Raincoat” remark was a jibe made by the incumbent Prime Minister at the erstwhile Prime Minister, it doesn’t augur a beautiful picture for the various important laws and decisions that need critical action and attention of our ministers and politicians.

Speaking for myself, I have become an acolyte of Modi in the past two years or so. I can say, this definitely must have felt soothing to the ears of the BJP supporters. But, if we put some sense into it, I can’t fathom why such an ill remark made with a tit for tat approach is being appreciated nationwide.

This was bad. And, if one argues that Man Mohan Singh too said wrong things, well, just because they made a blunder, do we have to reciprocate in the same manner! That’s not a justification, but only a pathetic excuse.

That is why the people supporting PM Modi on this issue sound pathetic to me. A very crucial MVA Bill is expected to be tabled in the parliament probably the next time Lok Sabha meets. Won’t its prospects be impacted?

Congress may not have a powerful presence at Lok Sabha, but it does still has a significant presence at the Rajya Sabha. And, the Government knows it. In fact every time the Government faces hurdles on passing a bill, they blame it on the opposition. So, is this derogatory comment not going to vitiate the extant situation!

PM Modi has maintained his calm on a number of instances in the past when opposition, and especially Congress stooped to dirty politics or ill commentaries. That made me respect him even more. Because at times one’s silence is the best resort. And, it worked well every single time. His silence proved to be effective and made him seem as a prudent and thoughtful person.

But, this time, he succumbed to the dirty politics and that is doleful. Men with integrity do not need to speak every time to prove their point. Their work and intentions speak for themselves. And, thus this grotesque remark was absolutely superfluous and uncalled for.

This was not a time to revolt and chastise the counterpart for they impugned your moves. Yes, they played an ugly role. They played dirty politics and spoke with a very pugnacious jaw. They were filthy and uncouth. But, none of this justifies the PM Modi’s grave folly.

This was time to act like an elephant and keep walking high on the “Reform and Development agenda.” Who cares how much the dogs bark or howl! But, maybe this time the dogs found some success in intimidating the elephant after all.

And, thus I absolutely disapprove and criticize PM Modi’s jibe. It was definitely not civil or sober. This was an absolute anathema to the stature of a Prime Minister. That’s where I rest my case. Period.


An aware citizen.

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