Most of my creations range in the lengths of over the 1000 word count. In fact, the count moves past the 1500 count and approaches 2000 word limit quite often. Now, when I write in this manner, I know one thing is bound to happen. Not everyone is going to read the entire posts.

In fact, some people have the propensity to first check the size of the post before reading them. These people are often intimidated by the big posts. So, they prefer not to read it. So, no matter how well I write, I know it well that a lot of people won’t read it.

This is something I am aware of. But, I don’t care about it. Why? Because it’s all about the purpose of my writing.

Whenever I write, I basically pen down every bit of what my head and I confabulate over. What my head speaks, I just type it all out as fast as I can. It’s not about getting traction. Rather, it’s about pouring every ounce of my heart out.

When I write, I verbalize my thoughts. I feel happy when I do that. And, why would I want to limit my own happiness by cutting short on my posts? “Hey! Hang on there. You just crossed 800 words. Now close that post or people won’t read it.” That thought is anathema to my style of writing.

Every time I end up any of my answers, I have this same feeling- The feeling of times when you have had a wonderful long late night talk with some very dear person. And, when you have a talk with any such person do you feel like cutting the chat and going to sleep because the clock is ticking off your sleeping time?

I don’t know about others but at such times, staying up and listening to the other person prattle out their heart is what I enjoy a lot more than most of the other things. So, I would definitely not want to shut the talk and cut on my joy and happiness.

The same is the case with writing. It’s always me and beautiful mind talking to each other gestating some eunoia. For those who don’t know the meaning, it means “beautiful thinking.” And, that brings me to another very important point.

I don’t have a big basket of words. I don’t have that fancy vocabulary to brag about. But, I am better than the average lot in this regard. So, a number of times it has been pointed out to me that use of tough or uncommon words like the one I used in the previous paragraph and sundry others is going to drive away my readers. Why? Because they may find it tough to fathom what I mean to proffer.

Well, I simply listen to all who tell me that and move on. I try to include as many new or uncommon words as I can. Then, I try to learn at least five more words every day and include as many of those in my posts as possible. Why? Because that makes me happy. It gives me the sensation that I have levelled up as a writer. You know, like transitioning from a Saiyan to a Super Saiyan Goku!

And, who would not love that! I definitely do. This makes me feel proud. And, most importantly, I have been very lucky in dealing with this issue. Maybe a lot of readers would have avoided reading my creations. Maybe. But, almost every day I receive messages from several people on Quora praising my vocabulary.

People have thanked me on Quora for my posts helped them improve their command over the English language and bolstered their vocabulary as well. So, maybe I am not pleasing many eyeballs. But, I am definitely adding significant value to the lives of several joyous readers. And, that again adds to my pride as a writer.

And, that said. It’s time for a totally different aspect of my style of writing. I share personal experiences and extracts from my personal life in the major chunk of my posts. So, a number of people have asked me to avoid doing that. Why? “Because it’s not nice to overtly talk about your own dark past, mistakes, grave follies, and sheer imperfections”, they say.

But, did any of that ever stop me from doing that? Never. As I aforementioned, I write to emancipate my heart and let it gather as many joys as it needs. And, I do that by telling people how I changed my grotesque and pathetic life to the surreal dream I never envisioned.

I had been through some really tough times. I lost my father when I was 19 and just about to get into College. I had been through a prolonged phase of depression which cost me so much that nothing can make up for it. I was a petulant, cantankerous, frantic human who trusted in no one, not even himself.

And, I managed to break out of that horrid phase of life. I liberated myself by adopting several new tenets and scrapping the principles that had been governing my life hitherto then. I changed my life forever. I broke myself and re-crafted every bit of self the way I always dreamed for myself to be. And, it is that reinvention which turned me into this happy, content and pragmatic person who is typing out these words in the present.

And, this journey was not an easy one. The transition was one of the toughest times in my life. I had no idea if I was headed the right way. I had no guide but sundry books. I know that a lot of others in the gargantuan global citizenry may be going through similar travails. And, if anyone of them comes across any of my answers, maybe their life may find some value augmented to it. And, that is the purpose I write for.

And, for me, the purpose stands bolder and higher than everything else. Because it is this purpose that gives my creations the raw beauty that they carry. Maybe I am the only one who sees that beauty. But, who cares! If I see something beautiful, that is bound to make me happy and smile. So, I end up elated anyways.

And, that brings me to the final note. Or, I just hope that this will be the final note as I have already written a long post I know. Do I write for oneself or for others? I choose myself over the world, entire galaxy and the vast dark universe. No one comes above me and my happiness.

Do the lack of traction and viewers upset me? It used to feel disgruntled earlier. But, those days are long gone. I have matured as a writer over time. I’m still growing. And, I am growing fast. I know that to get the upvotes and traction I don’t need to please others, but myself. Am I being narcissistic? No, I am not.

All I mean is- If I’ll be happy with my work, only then I’ll be able to evolve and create better stuff that the readers would embrace and enjoy. And, if I would write the stuff that won’t make me happy, I will always end up with the content that won’t even impress myself, forget others.

I am The Intrepid Maverick- Shilanjan. And, I write to spread value and earn value. Do I do that by trying to grab eyeballs and pleasing others? No, I don’t. Patronizing the readers is not the reason why I typed out almost 1300 words out here.



One thought on “Do I write to please others or oneself?

  1. I write to please myself mainly. But, I also want to encourage other readers (especially other American/Westernized men) to consider international dating. Of course, I am going to have haters or those who do not understand. In fact, I have written a blog post about those who do not understand international dating anyway.

    I enjoy writing about international dating, foreign women, various cultures, etc. I would never stop.


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