My Greetings to my Gods!

I have seen you fight, love, hug and shout at each other. I have been a witness to a lot of ugly moments and times when you both were not in a great shape. But, each time you both inspired me. How? By coming back together with much more understanding, care and flourishing love for each other.

There is no other couple I have known or have come across, who I feel were so perfect and meant to be together. Every time Papa would lose his calm, you would keep silent and let him extrude out all his rage, Maa. You always understood that he must have been through something bad and thus gave him the space to let his anger out on you.

I don’t know how you learned to be so patient and calm. Had I been in your position, things would have ended in an ugly spat every single time. But, you always knew what my beloved Papa needed, Maa. Your love for this man was so conspicuous and imbuing.

And, the times when Maa would be exasperated and end up losing her calm, Papa, you would always know the perfect remedy. You would in fact improvise. You would act like you are timid when compared to her. Then you would obey her orders and commands until the next few hours. And, once Maa would calm down, you would just hug her and make her take some rest.

Papa, you were no stranger to tough times and were an expert at dealing with those. And, this trait in you made you one of the most accommodating persons I have ever come across. You understood it so well that sometimes all a person needs is some liberty. Liberty to let it all out. And, that made you the special soul you were.

And, for two such loving, understanding and benign souls to have come together in this big bulging world was destined to be. Now that I think about it, there could have been no other man who would have been more perfect for Maa. Neither can I envisage a woman who would be so pristinely crafted just for Papa.

Both of you had sheer imperfections. It was just 8 days past your 2nd anniversary that I was born. And, ever since I have been a witness to several of those flaws and imperfections. I don’t remember it all but I do remember a whole bunch of things and memories. And, it is upon observing those myriad memories of the beautiful past that I have realized- it were your imperfections that made you two one of the most compatible couple, after all.

Why am I saying that? Because every time you discovered an imperfection in Maa, you took it as an opportunity for you to make up for that, Papa. You were simply brilliant. And, similarly Maa used to cover up for your follies and mistakes. She would always just be there to make you look good.

You were both a team. And, you were a damn strong one. Nothing could draw you two apart. Several blows, misunderstandings, bad people and sometimes bad situations tried to craft differences amongst you two. Bout, how many of them succeeded? None. Rather, each one of those only ended up bringing you two closer than ever.

How do I know all this?

It was not just you two seeing me grow up. Rather, I too was always watching you two grow up!

Though you two are not in the same world any more. Maa lives with me here on planet earth while you, Papa live in the heavens above. But, I still see that relationship, bond and understanding blooming. And, I feel so proud to have got such masterful people crafting my soul and character for all these years.

This 3rd of December 2017, it will be your 25th Anniversary. Without you both being together physically, it will definitely be a tough time. No doubt there will be a deluge of memories of togetherness that clutter our minds. All three of us will be in immense pain and will wish to be together.

But, I promise, that I will smile. And, remember how you two always said that- We’ll always be happy if you’ll be happy. So, I hope you will both also keep up with your words and smile with me to commemorate the celebration of 25 years of Shilanjan, the love of Shila and Niranjan.


Your “Jaya”

The proud and living embodiment of the perennial love of Shila and Niranjan Mundhra

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