I am a celebrity. I dance and have done over a hundred live shows and concerts. Each one of those in front of large audiences of over several hundreds and thousands of people. The crowds are always brimming, clapping and shouting my name as I arrive on the stage, perform and leave with an upbeat aura resonating all around.

And, all of the things I just mentioned above are true in my head. Just in my head. If you are displeased, please calm down. Please don’t take umbrage. If you feel that I tried to use subterfuge to get you reading this post then you are mistaken. So, keep reading further as I elucidate my point.

I have a habit of listening to the same songs over and over again. And, the reign of any particular song goes on for maybe 4 to 5 days. These days it’s Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” that my ears are reverberating to. So, let me tell you what I do at least twice every day while listening to this song.

I imagine that I am a celebrity dancer who is about to address a stadium teeming with an ecstatic and feverish crowd. I imagine that I am the one who they have all assembled to embrace. I close my eyes and imagine the entire picture- the crowd, lights, frills, giant screens and displays.

I imagine the crowd with neon wristbands on their arms. I see thousands of them filling every nook and corner in my sight. Kids and their grandparents in the front. Then, there would be innumerable heads as far as the stadium would go. I would envision it all and let the lights concentrate on the central position of the stage.

I take a deep breath then and hit the play button. And, that’s when I envisage myself jumping off the pedestal and right onto the spotlight. Then I groove like I own the atmosphere and everyone present around. That is what goes on in my head. Meanwhile…

I stand on my yoga mat which would give me the feeling of the centre of the stage. Then I would look at the pale blue painted wall in front of me. I would imagine the audience projected on that wall and dance my feet off as I envisioned in my head.

I float kisses to the crowds when I take breaks. I shout out, “Are you having fun people!!! Do you want some more!!!!!” I completely imagine the colourful breath-taking aura and I embrace my stardom for as long as I desire. I tell myself that I own it and, I dance again and again until my feet hurts.

I do the strangest moves that I can think of. I imagine that the crowd is loving it. Sometimes I even imagine the crowd didn’t get intrigued at all. At those times I simply change the song and try some other fancy moves. And, I do it over and over again.

And, then once I am done for the show, I bow down to my lovely audiences. I say thanks, and throw off my jacket to the crowd. I beckon both my hands to all of them. I show them all that I am sheerly grateful for their presence and support. I imagine it all right here in my 8×8 room in my hostel. As I said above, it’s all right here in my head.

Now let me articulate over how this practice over the time has helped me.

Every time I do it, I strive to improve my performance and presence on stage. Every time I practice, I level up my engagement with my audiences. I try to be better at embracing them. I try to be better at floating kisses and beckoning. All this while I also try to be not shivering and sweating at all.

And, this has helped me gestate a mindset that I can put up a show of a gargantuan scale if I have to. Will the audiences like it? I hope but I am not so sure. But, I know that at least I won’t be pathetic at it. My practice will help me do better than I could have otherwise. After all, my daily practice has boosted my prospects and emboldened my skills and confidence.

Am I a good at addressing people and expressing my ideas and thoughts? Yes, I am! Am I a good anchor? I need to work a lot more on that front. Am I confident enough to go on the stage and do dance like an imbecile? Done that enough number of times and the crowds seemingly loved it every time.


Basically, I am no celebrity or a dancer. I am a person who tries to look into oneself, observe his faults and tries to make things better for future. And, visualization is the panacea to all of those faults, in my view. It has proven wonders for me. It helped me develop the “Celebrity Attitude” to go on the stage and give my best no matter what happens next.

And, that’s is the why I am trying to promulgate the idea to the readers. If you are reading this please understand that I am not a professional and I may be wrong. My method is a modification of the Placebo effect. And, if you despise it or don’t believe in it, please don’t take this answer at all seriously as it won’t help.

But, if you are open enough to give it a shot, then turn on your favourite music and hit the Madison Square wild right now! Remember that I’ll be there in your audience loving every bit of the show. Promise.

Bliss and regards,


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