Over two months back our College observed The 8th National HR Summit. A number of renowned Human Resource Industry experts joined us here at ABV-IIITM, Gwalior. They gave talks on germane issues and subjects that would help us students understand what does the Industry expects from the new and budding professionals. Their talks imparted us with an idea about how we should prepare ourselves for the career after College education.

And, that’s what my seniors told me about the summit. I wasn’t present at the summit, and thus am no witness to any of that. However, I can bet that almost everything they told me about the summit was to some extent, very true. After all, the very aim of the summit was to provide the students with an insight into what the professional life is like, and how they can brace up and prepare for the same.

But, there was more to come from one of my seniors. While confabulating over the Summit, he told about what happened when he raised a question to one of the dignitaries. After the talk, behind the scenes, my senior asked him, “Sir, we also sometimes talk about similar philosophy and life approaches with others. But, no one pays any heed to us. However, when you say the same thing, everyone observes and pays attention. And, once you have delivered the lesson, everyone claps as well! Why does this happen?”

To this, the sage man replied, “I make money in big volumes. I have earned a revered stature and position over several years with my hard work. So, now when I talk about life and philosophy, people think that this man is right! When I talk on these subjects, people envision the immense possibilities and greatness for themselves by thinking of my life. They can see that those tenets made me what I am today. And, sometimes that brims them up to do something big! All this because I have proved myself on those grounds in real world. What do you have to back up your words when you talk of similar lessons on life and philosophy?”

I loved the thought every bit. If you don’t have a story and a vision to back you and your ideas up, why would the other person believe in you? When you share a life lesson with someone, you have to make the other person believe in it. The other person must get immersed into the thought and be imbued by every bit of it. Ergo, they need a glimpse of what wonders the implementation of a certain philosophy of life can do for them.

Therefore, when one tries to proffer wisdom into someone, they have to show how they achieved the same in their life. Else, that talk will end becoming nothing more than trash talk. None of the wisdom talks is going to bloom any bliss unless there is a vision attached with it. The vision- which tells the other person, “You can live this amazing life as well!”

This is the same reason why I have been impacted and imbued by the author James Altucher. I admire him and his approach towards life. And, the very reason for this adulation is that he shows people that he was full of shit. But, he is not that anymore. He overtly acknowledges his mistakes, grave follies and blunders. He tells others that he was going to commit suicide and the thought struck his mind not just once but several times! He blew off Tens of Millions of Dollars, failed 17 companies he founded and wrecked a marriage and lost everything.

Then he tells them, what he did to make thing right again. He shares the wisdom nuggets and life lessons he adopted. He also discloses the changes he introduced himself to and how his lifestyle was impacted for the better. And, after these two steps of self-acknowledgement and wisdom proffering he then imparts to the people the vision of how amazing their life can be from what those are in the present. He then tells them how he finally ended up making millions, wrote over 18 books and runs a fabled podcast and also a blog with multiple millions of views! And, if all of that wasn’t enough, he also sits on the boards of several Million Dollar companies!

And, that brings me to the point. A lot of people have asked me the same question on Quora- “Why do I share personal experiences and memories in my writings? Why do all of my “Life and Philosophy” germane works contain excerpts of my own very personal life?” Here is the reason why!

That’s because I know too acknowledge that I was a mess and my life was full of horseshit at a time. I was botching up not just mine, but also the lives of people associated with me. I was a pitch black box of contagious poison! There were things that if I had known, could have added a lot of bliss to my life and have helped me fight my pains. Those valuable lessons and realizations could have help me fight back that poison. But haplessly, I was not aware of those, so I had to discover those on my own. It took a lot of time. But when I did discover those golden nuggets, I applied them to my life. And, the results could not have been any better.

I needed to know a lot of things back then but I did not know any of those. And, I wish that others in similar arduous positions as the ones in which I was, should not have to go through same tough phases of life. That is why I try to share with people how I evolved in a certain aspect of my life by adopting certain changes. I try to be as raw, candid and truthful as possible. In fact, I don’t lie when I write at all- For I consider writing to be my worship and meditation. That’s why I share how I carried out the transformation and made it work. I try to share what changes those series if reinventions brought about in my life and augmented the bliss in it each and every time.

Be it the example of the HR I mentioned above, or of my favourite author James Altucher- Those are the people who preach by example. They proffer wisdom by experimenting and working upon themselves. They show the people that if they could achieve certain greatness in their lives, anyone else can do the same. And, I am no different from them. I am trying to work on similar lines as well. Though there is just one difference.

I am not trying to teach or preach nothing. I am here only to assist someone on this big vast planet every day to avoid mistakes that I committed. And, I am trying to achieve that goal by changing myself first and then sharing what I experienced. There is a very high possibility that the reader may have formed the following opinion of me- “This guy is too self-obsessed and narcissistic”. Well, maybe that’s true. But, that’s my tenet of leading my life and I live by it with immense pride- “By Choosing Myself.”



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