Who am I? I am a spark of soul in a bag of skin held by bones and blood. Nope. This is not who I am. In case the reader has read my previous posts, they would cite that I mentioned that statement verbatim. I agree. And, now I am backtracking! Why? Because that’s the definition of a human and I am not one. I am a superhero with special powers and abilities. Those who have read my Quora Bio and germane answers would know about it. And, for others, here is the secret demystified!

When I was a child, I was tiny but super active. I would run around all day and fight invisible monsters and devils. I would rain punches and kicks all over them. Although, all my Maa could see was- “Little Jaya is playing boxing. So cute!” Huh! She never knew what I was up to. So, I would go on and on with my agenda of beating the evil and saving the world. I would then unfurl my cape and fly away.

However, now that I am trying to reminisce that section of my memory, my cape was nothing else but my towel with pink and yellow flowers drew all over it. And, as I said in the previous paragraph, I would fly away. Actually, I would just jump off the bed in the most dramatic positions I was capable of and that was the end of it.

However, one day I took the dramatic end to an all new level and ended up breaking a teeth into half as my leg tripped and my mouth smashed into the marble floor. My Maa was both enraged and worried. From that day I was forbidden from living the life of a superhero. However, I had by them realized that a superhero must not reveal his/her identity else such bottlenecks were bound to pop up.

And, that was how the clandestine affairs of this little superhero began to take place. As soon as Maa would go out of the house for daily errands, I would throw my shirt away, embrace my burly and strong body in the mirror and then get back to the mission of saving the world. Phew! That was my life when I was seven or maybe eight years old.

Fast forward to this day, the present. It’s been almost fifteen years and I am still Superman. Or rather, I’m the clumsy looking Clark Kent. You know, the guy with his black hair sticking to the scalp. The one who wears spectacles and looks like a douche most of the times. Okay, I am not that ugly, but I hope you got what I mean.

Also, I am bad at humour just like Clark Kent. People used to laugh at him and my case is no different. And, I often end up in a hapless state as whenever I try to make people laugh with jokes and puns, it always end up with them mocking me. And the most imperative resemblance- As I aforementioned, I have a sequestered identity which I have kept hidden from the world. The one that I reveal bit by bit to the Lois Lane closest to my heart.

Concisely, with years passing by, I have grown more and more in resemblance to Clarke Kent- The Superman!


Okay! Hang on there. It’s time for a moment of truth and confession. I’m tired now. I tried to create an interesting and creative start for this post which would leave an impact on the reader. I hope the reader liked the work. In case the reader didn’t enjoy, I try to make up for it in my next post, I promise.

Until then, let’s get to the subject. I mean business and I am here to deliver to the reader what I promised in the title. So, let’s do it.

You, I and the rest of the 7.2 Billion Homo sapiens strewn all over the globe have one great similarity- We are all Supermen and Superwomen in all of our might. And, the reasons are pretty much the same in most of the cases that I mentioned above. However, I didn’t get to the most important part of the post yet. So, here it is!

What are your and my powers, if we are all Super Heroes?

Zilch. None at all! Actually, the truth to be digested is that- Superman has no useful power at all! And, taken them apart, we are all equally powerful as him, but we are just afraid to admit it. I’m going to prove my point one by one.

Heat Vision– What would I need it for? The friends living next to me have got induction pans which can heat the food pretty well. When at home, things get even better as I have a microwave. So, why would I need heat vision at all!

Super Strength– Huh! Let me try to remember when was the last time when I tried to even lift a 10 KG dumb bell in the gym. It never happened! Am I really going to lift a car or a truck? What is the probability of that happening? Minuscule I would say.

X-Ray Vision– Well, I live in a boy’s hostel and am definitely not gay. And, as far as girls are concerned, I like the bodies hidden behind the drapes better. So, no use of the over-exaggerated X-Ray Vision either.

Super Hearing– I know the people who adore me. And, I think I already know what the people who despise me think of me. It would be very unnerving to hear them say all those things. So, I am better this way.

What else?

Flying– And, where are you going to fly? Do you have any idea about the number of flies and insane amount of dust up there? And, then there are the birds! You’d be eating flies and running into birds. One word to describe that feeling- Eww. I would end up puking!

I know several readers may not agree with those arguments. The reader may argue that one would find a use if one had those powers. Very true indeed. I am not going to say that the reader is thinking wrong or shit. But, the above thoughts work like a blessing for me and that is why I am trying to share them here.

Just knowing that I am Superman, with a secret identity and special purpose and need in the world makes me feel happy and elated. I’m Superman and I’m above the worries of the minute earthling troubles and travails. No evil can stop me as I am meant to be great and spread that greatness into lives of several others. That’s my clandestine truth. That’s my secret.

This acknowledgement and affirmation have led to the development of an all new positive attitude in me. It forces me to ask myself from the minute I wake up to the minute I return to the bed- Who can I help next? How can I make someone smile? Who needs my help? Simply put- “How can I make this world a better place?”

It has become a ritual that I love to practice. And, I prefer it a hundred thousand times over the previous attitude I was habitual to- I was too obsessed with my own miseries and problems. Every morning I would wake up with vapid questions like- How am I going to submit that assignment? How am I going to tell Maa that I have already spent all the money I had? How am I going to face her? And, him? And so on and on and on! And, I hated my mornings for the obvious reasons! But, I don’t have to be that way anymore.

And, that’s how the attitude of being the powerful and legendary Superman helped me level up. It simplified my life and has imbued me in the most amazing ways.

I am in no position or capacity to say if the reader is also a person who needs a reboot like I did. I am no clairvoyant to predict who in the world is ridden by an attitude which pulls one back from levelling up in life. But, being the reader, you know yourself the best. So, ask yourself. And, if you do think that you do need it then you know what needs to be done. Oh no! I didn’t mean wrapping a towel around the neck and jumping around shadow boxing. What I meant was-

“Acknowledge the Superman/Superwoman in you and save the world. It needs your help. I need your help.”



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