I was tired. No matter what, I couldn’t seem to find any energy and elan in my life. Whatever I did, I would always end up drained and vapid. One question was bogging down on me- “How can I lead an interesting life!” I was haplessly vitiated when my college senior, Keshav Laad rescued me and showed me the way.

Oh no! He didn’t share any secret formula or tips with me. Neither did he tell me what was wrong in the way I was leading myself. He just showed me how he was doing it right. And, the difference spoke for itself. This stellar personality had been a renowned face in my College. A star basketball player with superlative wins to his name, but that was just not enough for him.

He was also the lead vocalist for my College’s older band, OAS. And, he was not at all perfunctory at what he did as a singer. In fact, he was so good that in his farewell gig, people kept asking for another performance. But, he was still not done. He was an active face in the College co-curricular activities, student council and its movements as well.

He even coached the Female basketball team every morning while I would be asleep till ten! Also, he had been a masterful anchor and speaker who knew the exact pristine formula on crowd engagement. And I can go on to elucidate several other nuggets about him. He was definitely a person always looked up to. This remained a sequestered secret of mine until these texts.

Anyways, enough has been said about Sir. What in the seventh heaven was I doing all the while? Forget it. I am not going to castigate and shame myself on my own post. Let’s just say that I was as boring and dull a person I could have been at my nadir. So, let me just explain with an anecdotal example.

Meet Sai and Vinod.

Sai and Vinod both work for an IT firm in Mumbai. They both lead a 9-5 job routine.

Post this work routine Vinod goes back to his apartment and relaxes. Later he prepares dinner and goes to sleep after watching a few episodes of “Ellen Degeneres” Next morning he wakes up by 7, gets ready and leaves back for office by 8 AM sharp. That is his life. His regular, mundane and damn predictable life. Concisely, “Nondescript shit!”

Now, let’s check what Sai has been up to all this while.

Sai didn’t go back to his apartment post work. Rather, he left for the evening school where he teaches middle age slum dwellers how to use computer and the internet. His aim is to get them to fully digitize their business and expand it all over the city. By the time he is done here, it’s already 8 PM.

After the travail at the office, he is definitely ridden by hunger. So, every night he eats with the family of one of his students who feed him scrumptious home-made delicacies as a payback for his generous teachings and devotion.

Post that he reaches his apartment by 9 PM and watches a couple of episodes from FRIENDS and then goes to sleep by 10 PM. Then his day shoots up quite early. He wakes up by 4:30 AM, takes a quick shower and goes for martial arts training.

From there he goes for early morning Theatre practice where he learns the craft of acting, drama and theatrics. And, finally, he returns back to his apartment by 7:00 AM, gets ready and leaves for office by 8 AM. And, the cycle continues.

Oh boy! Oh boy! Don’t you want to know more about this guy Sai! Such an impressive lifestyle with so much of excitement entwined with every activity he pursues. Meanwhile, it may be also possible that you would have already forgotten about the vapid and jaded lifestyle of Vinod.

Shit! As I was typing the previous sentence, I literally had to scroll up and check his name again. I had already forgotten his name having been imbued with the character of Sai, which I just gestated.

In the above case, I am the forgotten guy, Vinod. And, the stellar character of Sai resembles Keshav Laad Sir.

Imagine, you are shopping for groceries and you suddenly run into an old chum who you haven’t seen in three years. And, he asks you, “What have you been up to?” Do you want to reply what Vinod would have replied? Hell no! And, that is the answer to the question above. But how could I make it happen? That is where Keshav Sir’s traits and habits helped me bloom.

Below is what I took from him.

“Always be onto something!”

Be creative and vibrant. Add some colours to your life. Explore and experience. That is the key. Don’t be eager to head back home. Rather, get set to say hello to the world.

Learn some new art. Join some fitness training regime. Dance. Sing. Paint. Play basketball. Or, chess. Who cares? Just do things. At every moment, earn more experiences. Teach poor kids. Visit orphanages. Be a blood donor. Or, maybe a sperm donor. In today’s world, both of them are noble deeds. In either case, you would be helping someone!

Jump off a cliff with a bungee cord around your waist. Paint a beautiful graffiti on a subway wall. Go surfing on the sunny beaches of Juhu or Miami. Go on a solo 20 day trip to the North-East India. Teach poor kids how to use a computer and the internet. Organize fundraisers for the betterment of orphan kids.

But hang on there! Our minds have a devil sitting inside. And, the devil within many of the readers would have already come up with the age-old excuse, “I don’t have that much time to devote!” Well, I won’t let you go own with an excuse of that kind. You’re saying that you are ridden by the paucity of time, and I am here to rescue you.

How about these activities on every Sunday? They won’t take that much time. Go and donate sperm (If you are a boy), and give a child to someone who cannot conceive one. Donate blood, clothes, books or anything that you don’t need but can be useful to someone else. Try activities like a waiter for a day or newspaper delivery guy for a day. Get yourself into shoes of others and try to get different jobs better.

Need more? Try something new every Sunday of the month. Go ice-skating. Swim. Play bowling. Join painting classes. Write books, blogs, articles or poems. Too tough? Well, how about reading books, blogs, articles and poems? Get into weekly theatrics. Do drama and theatre every Sunday evening. Or maybe simply visit an orphanage once a week.

And, there is so much more that you can do. Remember, the dearth of time or money is just a pathetic excuse. And, you are not built for letting anything pathetic into your life. You are meant for achieving greatness. You are meant to fly! There are always going to be experiences to be earned, which won’t require large amounts of time and money to be invested. So, don’t be like the masses who love to cry, “I don’t have any time or money to spend extra.”

The more of the variegated experiences you will earn, the more vibrant you will become. With each activity that you perform, you will keep becoming a better person. You will be discovering so much more about yourself. There will be so much more on your plate to talk about, share with others and be proud about. In a nutshell, this is the moot point that I am trying to underscore- “Always be onto something!”

That is what Keshav Sir taught me. I don’t think that he is great or best at what he does. But, he is something solid in what he does. And, that makes him a hell of an interesting personality for me. I am nowhere close to what he is. I am still on trying to add more and more colours to my life. But, thanks to him, I got a sense of what I need to look into. And, with my own modifications and implementations of the plan, I know that I am reaching out towards becoming something beautiful.

Oops! All through the post, I kept prattling about what Keshav Sir rescued me. After all, it’s my post, so I should contribute on my part as well. So, here it is!

Recently, the New Year has begun. On the New Year, my friend from college, Rishabh Jain shared a post which read, “Starting a new year is the same as starting to write a new book. So, write an epic one.” Sorry Rishabh, but I beg to differ. Why aim as low as writing just on epic in an entire long year? I would strive to scribble down as many epics as I can. What about you?



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