One of my oldest friends had been going through a really tough phase. His petulance and rage had turned him into a nuisance in the view of his friends. His anger and striding negativity were pushing him down into a dark and grim gulf. His parents were worried about him as he had been living a life ridden by depression of inability to get into a great College.

He called me. And, just after a few minutes of confabulation, he shocked me. The person who I had least expected to see crying in my entire life had broken into tears. He turned effusive and told me how he had become a misery and a stigma for his parents and family.

And, then after I calmed him down to some extent, he said, “I am useless and am no good to anyone. I was better dead.” I knew I had to do something to pull my chum out of the deluge of horrid thoughts. So, I shared with him an experiment which had helped me in a somewhat similar scenario years back.

Three weeks later he texted me, “Buddy you saved my parent’s child. Had you not told me of that experiment and calmed me down, I would have already committed the grave mistake from which there would have been no coming back.”

Here is what I told him.

Take your backpack. Fill a few water bottles with cold water. As soon as you have maybe five or six bottles, put them in your backpack. Now, grab your bicycle and head to the road.

You may see some labourers trying to fix that patch on the road. Or, someone trying to sweep the tracks and paths. There may be some postman wiping the sweat off his head as he rests beneath the shade of a tree. You may also find some courier delivery guys moving from house to house, blocks to blocks to deliver packages. Or maybe a plumber. Or a carpenter. Maybe a mechanic. Or a maid.

Doesn’t matter who they are. If you feel that they have been toiling hard under the sun, and some water may help them replenish their energy and momentum, go ahead and offer them some chilled water.

A sip may not be enough for those toiling and hard-working souls so give them as much as they want to drink. Did you see something? The person is smiling. Or maybe he even thanked you. Oh, wait! Did he bless you?

Whoa! You lied stupid. You said that you were useless. Still, you managed to make someone smile and enjoy a light moment in the course of their strenuous businesses. In fact, you even managed to collect so many blessings. How can you be useless Dumbo! You are precious. Damn precious. Ask those people about how many people offer them water in the searing heat? The chances are damn good that they will only have one name. Yours

If you think that you are useless, you are misguided or on a wrong path. You are very important. The world needs you. People like me need you. You can make something very beautiful out of your life. Just give it some thought and add some of your sequestered creativity into it and mix it up. You will definitely come up with something that you can be great and useful at.

I have no idea who may be reading this post. I have no way to know if the reader is dealing with thoughts which question their importance or reason for existence in this world. But, just in case if the reader is ridden by any such vile ideas or intentions, please understand one thing-

You are precious. You just haven’t found your worth yet. And, the day you discover your greatness, you will be invincible. The world will look up to you and you will imbue them with your bliss.


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