Think about it. Suppose you jumped off a 13-storey building. You will be dead with broken bones and ruptured muscles. And, that’s all. Maximum, there will be a family and a set of friends that will mourn for you and they will miss you.

But, what about the rest of the world? They won’t give a shit about it. They will continue to live their lives the same way. So, you dying won’t bring any good to this world either. The ISIS and other terror preachers will continue spreading deaths, terror and evil. The Middle East will continue to fight against Israelis. Indians and Pakistanis will continue to exchange heat across the borders with a few soldiers sacrificing their lives every other day.

What more? The climate crisis, pollution, deforestation and unsustainable industrialization will continue to haunt our long-term existence. Those things aren’t going to change if one of the 7.2 Billion puny humans won’t exist anymore!

However, these things also answer another problem that you raised in the question. You said, “Life is meaningless. What’s the point of living it?”

As I have already proved how death is meaningless. Now, it’s time for me to elucidate why life is everything but meaningless. All of those issues and vices that I have talked about above and sundry other such bugbears are killing our world and its habitants. Wars, fights, vices, cruelty towards each other and the Mother Nature, they all need a miraculous saviour.

One man can make a difference. One man can save us all from those evils. And, that one man can be you. It’s a glorious opportunity at your hands to not just find a meaning for your life, but also add a meaning to all of the lives inhaling and exhaling oxygen on this entire planet at the moment.

Before you call me stupid and say, what can one man do? Well, there is no dearth of such heroes. There are many others who have taken up the responsibility on their hands to make this world a better place. And, when such heroes come together, they create magic and wonders. And, you can be one of them and save the world. Do you still think that a life like that can be meaningless? I don’t think so!

Life is beautiful and it makes sense and meaning in every aspect as long as you are ready to open your eyes and look for the good. But, the moment you shut your eyes, the darkness is bound to prevail as you are yourself rebuffing the brightness around you to reach you. Don’t let it happen.

Dying is easy. Tying a rope over the ceiling and hanging by it is an easy escape. But, to live through the ups and downs, to fight against all odds and to sustain through al travails is something grandiose that all of us are capable of achieving but only a few actually do. Don’t give up so easily. Fight, persevere and sweat.

Keep a strong heart and everything will make sense to you when you will see that you are imbuing and inspiring so many lives around you and are actually adding meaning to their lives. You can be ray of hope for someone who doesn’t see any future of himself/herself in this world. You can show them the bright future that they can live. And, that would be very meaningful a chapter in your life.

You don’t have to achieve big feats to search for a meaning in your life. Just look around you and you’ll find that the tiniest of things can bring out the sparkle in you. Offer water t a day labourer who has been toiling under the searing sun all day and then you will witness, the joy and relief on the phiz of this sweat ridden man. You think your life has no meaning? Ask that labourer about it. You mean a generous, kind and caring man/woman to him. And, that’s enough to show you the bright and seamless possibilities in this big bright world.

It’s easy to say that we live and we die. But, the journey that this reality contains, is an enormous set of opportunities. Opportunities to spread smiles, joys, love, elevate the mankind and save it from all sorts of problems that are biting it. And, when you do that wonder, you can’t say that your life was a meaningless feat.

The great and altruistic people like APJ Abdul Kalam, Kailash Satyarthi, Gandhi, Mandela are a few famous names of this league of heroes. There are several others who are making a difference in this world and are adding meaning to their and other’s lives. And, you have the opportunity at your hands to be the next one of those heroes. The choice is yours. Whether you are going to keep ruminating about it in your living room, or you are going to spread your wings and fly high.

Abdul Kalam Ji wrote in many of his books about how all of us are born with potential, goodness, trust, ideas, dreams and greatness. You too have those. Don’t fritter off those great traits of yours calling them meaningless.



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