Kindness is the rent we must pay for the space we occupy on this planet.

I read that quote while reading the masterfully written book “Who will cry when you die?” by Robin Sharma. And, I could not have agreed more. After all, all the feuds, noise, violence, clashes, wars and disputes mostly begin because of factors like rage, ego and aggression which are all anathema to kindness.

Whether we are talking of arguing over something, we must remain polite and kind. Else, as soon as we lose our cool and raise the gruff in our tone, the tension is bound to escalate as the other person will definitely take umbrage.

And, in case it is the other person who raises his/her voice and unleashes his/her pugnacious jaws at you, yet we must try our best to remain calm and polite. Because if we would keep ourselves calm and forgiving, there are still chances that the matters can be solved amicably.

But, the vice versa is never possible if both the parties turn to their beast modes. In that case, things are always bound to get ugly! And, what follows can be anything ranging from the use of filthy profanity or physical strength to demean each other. And, that’s sad.

Alas, the lack of kindness in us humans has been the biggest bugbear to the world peace over several years. Hundreds of thousands used to die in the name of their kings for their interests were not respected by each other. Well, a parley and series of negotiations could have achieved much better results, I guess.

I sincerely believe that when one is kind and calm, what follows is eunoia and masterful solutions to problems all around a person. And, when you have solutions to the problems around yourself, you can always come up with negotiations or paths where both the parties involved could be satiated. But, alas we often succumb to our ego and greed. And, then what always happens leaves one or both of the parties to lose something or the other.

Our world today is burning with nations fighting each other, people killing each other, individuals causing misery and fomenting troubles for others. And, it is all happening because of lack of just one but highly imperative factor. The factor is Kindness.

We don’t own the world. No one in the past ever did that, and no one in the future will be blessed to have that prerogative either. And, thus the onus is on us to ensure that our future generations and various other species of living beings see a beautiful world tomorrow which is only going to be more blissful a place for the survival of life.

Whatever inhumane and horrid things happened with people in Syria or Rohingyas in Myanmar are a clear cut example of the hapless consequences that follow when people mow down the shields of kindness. These people are suffering today but tomorrow it could be us.

In fact, every other day some factions are reported to be involved in communal clashes. Nations are said to gestate enmity towards each other for one leader spoke ill of the other. And, this list can go on and on and on. And, in each case, it is the humanity that suffers the setback and vitiates to a new nadir every time.

And, thus with every passing day, the need for one thing is growing high in importance. The thing is for people all over the world to start paying a small rent for the space that they occupy on this planet. This rent is not monetary or anything material. Rather, it is the kindness. The people must realize the dearth of this commodity in our world and thus deluge the world with as much of it as possible.

They say that excess of anything is bad. And, here I’m saying that there is one thing whose excess is not bad, rather a boon. And, that thing is the kindness.




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