All of us humans are born to achieve greatness. All of us 7.2 Billion people alive at this present moment have talents and abilities. We are all special in our own disparate ways. However, not all of us know what those special traits of ours are.

The onus is on us individual humans to discover ourselves and our sequestered traits and abilities. If not us, then no one else can do it for us. So, it’s a solo journey that one has to traverse to experience the greatness that a person deserves.

However, it is not just that person who benefits from that ultimate discovery. Rather, it is often the entire mankind which reaps the benefits from this greatness that we discover in ourselves.

Madam Curie, Einstein, Socrates, Gandhi and King Martin Luther are a few of such names to explain the above thoughts. Edison failed a miserable number of times to end up inventing the first incandescent light bulb. He could have been disgruntled in the mid-course of the process and could have given up. He could have lost hope. But he didn’t let that happen.

Edison knew that he was meant for better and he didn’t give up. The result is that with years of modifications on his masterful creation, I have a bright tube light above my head lighting up my room. Else who knows, the mankind would not have discovered the light bulb even a century later. Or may be mankind would not have discovered it even till this day!

That is the point I want to underscore. If someone gives up in the mid-way or loses the steam and doesn’t lives up to its potential, it is the world which loses the glorious opportunity to be something greater that it could have been.

And, I feel really sad to say that most of us are actually guilty of denying the world to be what greater a place it could be. Why am I saying so? Because most of us aren’t living up to our potential! And, that is the saddest truth about life.

Had Gandhi or Martin Luther had that kind of a mentality, India would have been emancipated from colonialism much later, and the United States would still have been ridden by the evil christened slavery!

But, they lived at par with their potential thinking of how their contributions could alleviate the world of its pains and help it become a better version of itself. And, they did realize their dreams. And, that is what the world of today needs ardently.

Let’s not just settle for something that is easy to attain or less arduous. Let’s not just be mediocre anymore. Let’s just strive a bit extra every day to become a better version of ourselves. Let’s just overturn that sad truth and take it as an opportunity to make a global impact.

And, even if a little faction of us humans can do that- The world will definitely be much lovelier and blissful than what it is today! That is my dream.



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