I’m bored is the most useless thing to say. It is a MYTH!

The world is huge and enormous. It has lands, skies, water and what not. Hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna make it what it is today. Then there are endless disciplines that can help us know all of those things better. There is science, commerce, economics. Then we have several sub domains like biology, psychology, engineering, physics and so on and on and on.

Then for all of those innumerable living beings, there are several of their own as well. We humans too are a small part of that astounding figure. And, we amount to over 7.2 Billion count! We have our own history which is full of crime, wars, discoveries, deaths, glory, joys and celebrations. We have an amazing present which none could have envisaged over a century ago!

And, let’s not talk about the future as the ideas about it are absolutely surreal and science fiction! We are going to have super fast flying cars! Maybe we will no longer be a species of the Planet earth only as we move towards colonization on Mars. There is simply so much happening around us. And, so-so much of stuff has already happened!

And, where do I stand in this entire picture? I am one puny human in a species 7.2 Billion strong which is again a minuscule faction of hundreds of thousands of others species inhabiting the Planet Earth. A planet which is a part of a small solar system whose greatest star is the Sun. And, the Sun and its set of planets are just a small set of heavenly bodies revolving around the never ending Milky Way galaxy at its out-skirts.

Does that picture I painted above help the reader stand how unimportant we are, and how much excitement there is all around us? I hope so. And, just in case I did succeed, here is the message I have got to proffer.

Never again say that you are bored. Grab a book and read. Go to internet and explore. Go out and talk to new people. Learn new things, and explore as much as you can. There is so much of stuff happening all around us and even far beyond we can observe or our ken can comprehend. And, we don’t even have a small nebulous idea of it. Doesn’t that excite you? It surely does excite me and I know one thing for sure. What’s that? There is zero percent possibility that I can be bored!

Make your life an exciting journey. Make a goal to read something new every day. Aspire to connect with as many distinct individuals every day and try to know and learn from each of their stories, lives and sagas. Learn a few of those variegated skills like 3D-painting, sand art, ballet, belly dancing, martial arts and endless others. Learn how things around you work. In a nutshell, EXPLORE!

Here is how I am going to do it. I’m seated here in the Reading Room of my College’s library and say I have nothing to do at the moment. Say that I am vapid and bored. Here is how I would pump myself back into not being bored. I am going to look around. I see a Neem tree outside the library. I am intrigued about the various merits and demerits of the Neem and its derived products. I check about that on the internet and learned a few facts about how beneficial Neem tree is.

Not just I killed the so called cliched boredom. I learnt something new and fascinating about one of those other species of living entities on the planet. I explored and I enriched myself. And, that is the beauty of this beautiful world around us. It has so much of stuff strewn all around us. And, each one of those is exciting as hell. And, all of that excitement is infinitely available but we humans are mostly not in the mood to extract and welcome that excitement into our lives.

You just need to change that attitude. Look around. Open up your mind and let in that cherished bundle of knowledge, joy and thrilling excitement, and you shall never find a reason to be bored again!



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