It’s life advice. It can’t be given in a sentence. It needs deep explanation in my perspective. And, thus this one is going to be a long post.

Ola Mr/Ms Twenty!

Right now you are brimming with energy. You are 20 and firing. And, the chances are strong that even ten years later when you become a 30-year-old, that energy may remain in you up to a great extent. But, the chances are even stronger that tonnes of responsibilities will supplant your energy. So, the upcoming ten years are very crucial my friend, and you need to make the best of it.

Ten years may seem to be a long time, but it’s not. It is just too short a time if you want to make the most of this period. And, thus you have to plan.

Yes, you may say that these ten years are the most important years to get educated and form a stable career. And, I totally agree to that. But, there is another factor that is often missed by the people while talking about education and career goals. The factor is self-exploration.

Most of the people spend these ten years doing just one thing in the first half of the period. They focus solely on studies. And, then in the later half, they focus totally on the career. And, during this entire course, they forget the most important part, exploring oneself.

And, at the later stages of life self-exploration is not such an easy task to perform. This is so because you will be having kids to nurture, families to feed, limitations on health grounds, social responsibilities and tonnes of other bugbears to cater to. Thus, if it’s not done now, the chances are high that you will never be able to do that.

I may be wrong here. Maybe I am being stupid. But, that is my observation of people around me. What I am writing here is what I have observed in my elders and especially some of my cousins. So, its very much possible that you are not in sync with me.

But, if you are in sync with me, here is my message to you Mr. 20-year old:

Education and career are damn important. But, self-exploration is even more imperative. So, explore yourself. Test your limits. Find out what you are capable of. You may think that you know what you are capable of. But, trust me, you don’t. And, you never will if you won’t try to venture out, experience and explore.

Jump off a cliff with a bungee cord around your waist. Paint a beautiful graffiti on a subway wall. Go surfing on the sunny beaches of Miami. Go on a solo 20 day trip to the North-East India. Teach poor kids how to use a computer and internet. Organise fundraisers for the betterment of orphan kids. Don’t have that much time?

How about these activities on every Sunday? Go and donate sperm (If you are a boy), and give a child to someone who cannot conceive one. Donate blood, clothes, books or anything that you don’t need but can be useful to someone else. Try activities like a waiter for a day or newspaper delivery guy for a day. Get yourself into shoes of others and try to get different jobs better.

Need more? Try something new every Sunday of the month. Go ice-skating. Swim. Play bowling. Join painting classes. Write books, blogs, articles or poems. Get into weekly theatrics. Do drama and theatre every Sunday evening. Or maybe simply visit an orphanage once a week.

And, there is so much more that you can do. Remember, lack of time or money is just an excuse. There are always going to be experiences to be earned, which won’t require large amounts of time and money to be invested. So, don’t be like the masses who love to cry, “I don’t have any time or money to spend extra.”

The more of the variegated experiences you will earn, the more vibrant you will become. With each activity that you perform, you will keep becoming a better person. You will be discovering so much more about yourself. There will be so much more on your plate to talk about, share with others and be proud about.

Ten years down the line, I can have two resumes in my hand.

The first one that says:

Jayant is a 30-year-old decent and polite man, who is hard working and full of zeal. He did his engineering in IT domain from XYZ College. He also holds a degree in MBA Finance from ABC Institute.

Or, the second one that says:

Jayant is a 30-year-old vibrant and zealous person who is also an active blood and sperm donor. He paints, bowls and also writes on two blogs. He is an IT engineer by profession who also does the monthly Drama of the “Romeo and Juliet” for DEF Theatres, Mumbai.

Post his IT engineering he also did an MBA during which he went on several solo excursions all over India. This experience helped him establish a wide network of people of sundry domains and fields in every part of the nation.

Other than these, he is also an adventure aficionado and a fitness enthusiast.

Ten years down the line, I want to be a man holding that second resume in my hand. I want those glorious feats to define me which only a handful among the billions breathing at the moment have achieved. And, I wish the same for you.

These ten years are the most important years of your life. Because these are the only years when you will finally have an opportunity and liberty to explore yourself. Earlier you had your parents accompanying you, and later you will have a family. But, right now you have the glorious opportunity to bring out the “Intrepid Maverick” in you.

Don’t let go of it.

I hope the reader finds this post helpful.



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