Tl;dr : Most of us find it hard to pursue our dreams. That’s s o because we fail at them over and over again. This happens because we try our hands at them without proper preparation, insights and most importantly, a mentor.

We dream. We dream really big. And, we even begin to work on realizing the dream. But, we hit roadblocks. We hit more road blocks. Then, we succumb and give up. That’s the harsh reality that the most of us face in the process of pursuing our dreams.

That is the problem in a nutshell. The solution is very simple. Too simple, but is over looked by the most. Nearly everyone.

Intro :

I want to invest money in share markets, and make maximum benefits. How would it be if Warren Buffet would mentor me and share his tips and tricks to get the best returns on every investment I make?

I want to begin a computer software company and make billions out of it. How would it be if Bill Gates would mentor you to help you reach the maximum people with the best product with best strategies and tactics?

I want to a wrestler and bring back Olympics medal to my nation. How would it be if 2 times Olympics medalist, Sushil Kumar agrees to train me and be my coach?

That is all one needs to realize and accomplish their dreams. A mentor.

Dilemma :

Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Sushil Kumar have already got too much on their plates to deal with. They do not have any time to teach and show me the pathway to success. Then how do I get them to be my mentor?

Warren Buffet’s best tips and tricks to avoid blunders and mistakes is available in tons of books available out there. Similarly many books have been written about the roadblocks that Bill Gates faced at every stage, and how he toppled trough all of them to keep moving towards the peak.

Same goes for the leaders and experts in every major field to gain expertise in. There are myriads of such people , who are best at what they do, and have books written about how they made it large and what paths must be avoided and what practices must be involved.

Those books are nothing less than the mentors, or Warren Buffet. Or, Bill Gates. Or. Sushil Kumar. They are ready and all braced up to get you fired up with best of what you need to know to optimize your outcomes to succeed. Go grab one which suits your dream’s domain. Read. Then grab another one. Read it. The one more. More and more and even more. Until you feel you are braced up. Then, get the ball rolling.

And, then the problems will come roaring at you just as they did earlier. But you will manage to get through it. More problems will come blaring at you as you move ahead. And, your chances of winning over each one of them will be higher and stronger than ever. How? Because you have already know how to deal with that particular issue/situation, thanks to that expert, mentor or the book, which imparted you an insight into many of his/her invaluable experiences that they gained over a lifetime.

Now one may argue, f it was that simple, Why don’t many people made it big or achieve their dreams?

Albeit, it is easy. But, this simple process is neglected and left aside my almost everyone! Not many people read books. Trust me. Most of us 7 Billion+ people simply don’t read at all. They straight away go to the cliff end, and jump from it into the abyss. That’s suicidal!

One needs the proper gears and ropes attached before jumping off the cliff, else you die. It’s the very much same case with your dreams. One needs to prepare first. But, people don’t do that. That’s the biggest folly one can make.

You may say, that I’m talking BS, so I have a proof backing me up!

Post the 2008 depression all over the world, Mukesh Ambani turned into richest man on the planet for a brisk time on the clock! How did he do that in spite of the depression that had hit the world economies so bad?

Whenever the stock markets decline, the people panic and pull out their money from the markets. They are afraid that their money will be gone in a flash! And, they lose money. All these people, one and all inclusive lose their money. Some lose gargantuan amounts to be left with nothing in their pockets.

Meanwhile, the smart ones don’t pull out their money from the markets during such times. It’s a goldmine for them! They push in much more money. They take out the money form other sources to put into the markets at this period of decline. And, they always return richer! Why? Because whenever the markets fall, they rise back to newer heights! That’s the way stock markets work. (Sensex was ~19k before the depression. Plunged to ~14,5k. Today it’s floating in the range of ~26k.)

That’s how Mukesh Ambani made it big out of such a serious economy crunch!

If the people would have known this very basic thing about the stock markets, they would not have lost their money and would have grown richer. But, they did not know about it. Why? Because they did not learn the very basics of how do stock markets work. Forget the best practices.

How can we learn the basics? We need a mentor who is an expert in the field!

So, to pursue your dream and realize it, either find a mentor who is an expert id your domain of concern or find a book about how someone expert in that field made it happen in his/her life.

Your mentor is the key to your aspirations. So, choose the best one possible!

This post was originally posted as an answer to the under-mentioned question on Quora :

Why do people find it hard to follow their dreams?


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