I would wake up at 6 to find out that she woke up at 5 to prepare me breakfast and get me ready for school.

When I would return from school, she would feed me hot food and delicious icy-cool lassi (sweetened buttermilk).

Then I would go to sleep while she would collect my school uniform which I threw here and there, wash them, put them to dry out.

When I would wake up, she would be ready with my banana shake.

Post that shake, she would sit right next to me for straight two hours to ensure that I complete my homework and I do not get diverted from studies.

Then I would grab my Hero Honda labeled cricket bat and go to play.

I would return by 8, all muddy and sweating only to find that my Maa heard me coming, so she served the dinner right away. She thought her lad must be monster hungry and tired after such a long playtime.

Post food, I would be lying on the bed with Papa, staring at the idiot box which showed boring Doordarshan TV. And, my Maa would bring me warm milk with Cadbury Bournvita. All this to ensure that I meet my daily nutrient requirements.

Then she would put me sleep. Put a sheet over me so that I don’t catch cold.

Once I’m asleep.

She would go back to kitchen and clean the slabs.

Put the leftovers back into the refrigerator.

Iron my clothes.

Oh then the next morning,

I would wake up at 6 to find out that she woke up at 5 to…

I guess you know who I’m talking about.

It’s my Maa. My lovely Indian mother. It’s every lovely and sacrificing Indian mother.

Originally posted as an answer to a question on Quora : “What is it like to be raised by an Indian mother?


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