Tl;dr : Cumulative and collective shaming and blemishing of a an entire community or group of people for the ill doings of a few ill and vile people makes me enraged and angry.

Yesterday, when I was surfing on Quora, I found something really disturbing and offensive. A Quoran writer with followers amounting to thousands of people and several hundreds of answers to her accolades, was the reason behind it. Let’s call that person Anusha for this answer’s sake. As, I do not intend to defame anyone.

So, Anusha had written an answer which boldly put blemish over the entire male community of India, labeling them as perverts and flesh-hungry morons. Ones who simply befriend girls to be entailed to benefits. The sexual and physical benefits involving touch and other sorts of things. Miss Anusha firstly gave an excerpt of a conversation of her friend and her male friend who was a pervert to the core. Here is that excerpt

Screenshot (28)

And, I was already enraged. But, what Miss Anusha did next was absolutely outrageous. She went out with the common fad of today’s youth, “writing open letters” to shame the boys. Collectively, all the boys. Yep! All of them. Here is that open letter :

Screenshot (29).png

This was utterly non sense, And, saddening. Such an ill perspective and judgement of boys with a collective approach is absurd and disturbing to the core.

In every dominion, sector or field, there are the people who have a certain following or clout. Which of course is something appreciable as this admiration and belief has been earned by them in their field or a certain dominion.

They have a large number of followers. Or, acolytes. Or, admirers. These people listen to what this central person says, or thinks. Thus, they have a huge responsibility! As, their words or thoughts impact a large number of people, their beliefs and thoughts.

Thus, any ill-thought action, or a stupid judgement can have a distorting and damaging effect on thoughts and opinions of a lot of people who listen them. Thus rightly said, “With great power, comes great responsibilities.”

Alas! time and again, such mistakes occur! When these people fail on taking care of their responsibilities. Rather, the power taker over the control and leads to loss of acumen and astuteness. And, this leads to disturbing outcomes. Like it happened in the above mentioned case.

This post originally posted as an answer to the question : What is the most disturbing thing you have ever seen?

Proof : Link to the source answer.

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