Indian parents consider “Discussion about sex with kids” a taboo. Something that may ruin the harmony and balance. They find it awkward to discuss things relating to reproduction and related issues with their kids.

Owing to the need to satiate the curiosity, their children end up taking lessons from this super awesome teacher named “Internet”. Albeit, Internet caters to tons of knowledgeable content. Kudos to that!

Yet, we have a pretty good idea about the results it shows when you google “SEX”. That’s not the kind of teachers that should be providing the lessons to the children. This leads to distorting and damaging information being fed into innocent young minds which may have drastic impact.

Indian parents must pay more heed to this issue and both the mother and father should together pass on all the important and relevant information to their kids (both girls and boys) regarding all the major questions like :

  • How are babies born?
  • What is menstruation among girls?
    • Boys must know about it. Imagine the worrisome state of a brother if he sees that his sister is bleeding. Won’t he raise questions out of care for his sister?
  • What is night fall among boys?
    • Girls must be aware of it. In several houses in India, brothers and sisters share rooms until they turn adults. Imagine how awkward the situation could get in the relationship of the sister and a brother.
  • What are various STDs?
    • Many times, due to misinterpreted and half knowledge, ordinary but prolonged rashes are are taken to be symptoms of STDs by teens. That can be a terrifying experience.
  • Why should one not attempt to have sex until attaining adulthood?
  • Why do girls use sanitary pads?
    • Boys must be informed about it. This would help in making the society that during periods a girl is not impure. Rather, she is in pain. And, your understanding of her situation is only going to help better.
    • Today, most of the females ask for the pads to be wrapped up in a black polythene in India. Why? Because they are afraid about what will the other people think? This has to be dealt with carefully as periods is a natural phenomenon, not a stigma. Thus, both the boys and girls must be preached well concerning this.

There is no doubt about the wellness and positive results of moral preachings that the Indian parents pass onto their children like, “Always speak the truth” or “Stealing is a sin”.

But, those do not run the biology. And, it’s a big void that must be filled in asap by the young generation of Indian parents.

Note : This post was originally answered on Quora, to the Question : What are some things that Indian parents don’t realize about their children?


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