Those militants were able to infiltrate a heavily guarded Air Force Base, which is a matter of grave shame for the Indian Security & Defence authorities. However, there is much more to the picture.

Lets peek into the Air base territory.

  • The Pathankot Air Base has a perimeter boundary of 24.7 Kms. A huge boundary to take care of.
  • This base even houses a Kendriya Vidyalaya, one of the biggest ones in entire Punjab.
  • Around 500 daily labourers are always present inside the Air base for jobs under construction, repair and sanitation domain etc..
  • There are around 30 shops for daily necessities of the people residing in the Base area.
  • Around 500 personnel from foreign nations are taking training under various air Force domains here.
  • Almost 3000 families reside inside the airbase area which account for about 10k people.
  • The Pathankot Air Base houses a large no. of Helicopters and Mig-21s and numerous other sensitive defence equipments and assets.
The base is spread over roughly 20 square kilometres, an area the size of a small city. To add to the problem are vast stretches of idle spaces inside the airbase that have never been used or accessed. Over the years, they have taken the shape of forests with trees, elephant grass and bushes.
Was anyone of those living souls, Mig-21s or any other assets inside the airbase territory reported as a casualty? No.
This happened because the NSG and defence personnel were peerless and exemplary while searching and combatting against 6 Militants who were hiding over an area of 20 sq. Kms.
Get that?
Yes, we lost 7 brave men. Yes, 7 families lost their reason to smile.
But, the way the operation was handled was definitely appreciable and must be commended.

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