When Obama led USA, intruded Pakistani borders to enter Abbottabad & finally killed al-Qaeda kingpin Osama Bin laden, many raised the question that if USA could enter Pakistan to nail its enemy, Why doesn’t India do the same to bring down people like Hafiz Saeed & Dawood Ibrahim etc.

Everyone said, well its USA, they are the most powerful people in the world. India is not comparable to them in terms of power. Some said, Indian Defence agencies are not well equipped to carry out such operations.

Well, I didn’t think much about it back in 2011, and believed all those reasons mentioned above to be somewhat true. However, a few days back the same question popped up again on my Quora feeds. And, this time I begun to think about it. And after thinking about it, and doing a bit of research on the agenda, I realized that none of the above speculations were actually true!

Let’s dig a bit before reaching to any conclusions.

USA could do it but India can’t?

USA and Pakistan do not share any borderlands. Neither do they have a bitter and bloody past which lists a number of wars, massacres & bloodshed. Also, Pakistani approach towards USA is not a hostile one.
However, India & Pakistan share a boundary line of nearly 2900 KMs which witnesses regular cease fire violations. Then, there is the land dispute over Kashmir. And, a bitter past full of sour memories, hatred and bloodshed.
Thus, the foreign relations of India with Pakistan is a highly complicated matter with a large no. of critical parameters to be dealt with. The same is not true in case of United States. Thus, any activity hampering the Indo-Pak relations would create huge tensions in the whole subcontinent.

Indian Defence agencies are not well equipped?

Well, have you ever heard of MARCOS? It stands for Marine Commandos. And, these are people are one of the best such force in the world, comparable to Seals of United States. These men are well equipped with the latest and best weaponry and defence support. The force has gradually acquired experience and a reputation for professionalism over the two decades it has been in existence. The MARCOS are capable of undertaking operations in all types of terrain. Do you still think that our armed forces are not capable?

The planning and execution of any intrusion based military operation is a highly sensitive issue which is directly dependent on the foreign relations, shared land mass and the previous history with the counterpart nation. It’s not solely about defence & military capability.

Think before reaching to any conclusions. There is more to every story, than what it appears to be. Jai Hind.

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